create a successful cold sales funnel email series
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How Do I Create a Successful Cold Sales Funnel Email Series?

When you create a successful cold sales funnel email series, you have a great opportunity to attract potential customers to any high-ticket product or service you’re selling. We like to define high-ticket as over $50.00 or over $29.99 monthly recurring. The more customers see and hear from a brand, the more trust is built. The higher the value of the

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How To Make Your Website Rank High on Google and Bing?

The higher you rank on Google and Bing, the more website exposure you’ll have — and the more customers and sales you’ll have. There’s a reason why so many businesses want that high ranking! As SEO has changed over the years, it’s difficult to understand exactly what these search engines are looking for now. Below, you’ll find how to rank

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