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Podcasting As Marketing Tactic – Interview with Duane France

As Marketing Strategies reaches one of many milestones, Audrey would like to thank every
last one of our listeners. Whether you’ve been with us for all 50 episodes or this is your first listening
experience, we are celebrating together!

On today’s episode, Podcasting As Marketing Tactic, Audrey interviews Duane France, founder of Head Space
and Timing. Duane France is a retired Army combat veteran and mental health counselor. His company, Head
Space and Timing, is focused on providing veterans or anyone associated with a veteran and their community,
the awareness around all aspects of veteran mental health. Duane’s current mission is to bring real discussions
about the mental health and wellness of members and veterans and inspire them to use their learned skills from
the military to their make a positive impact in their world.

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