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Grammarly For Business Review

Grammarly For Business Review

Every company has a brand; part of your brand is how you speak to your customers in written form and in person. Your brand can get diluted if you and your team are not using the same tone and style of writing when communicating with your customers. This also can be the case in your marketing messages. If the copy you create on your website, blog, social posts, and ads don’t match your brand’s well-thought-out tone, these assets can feel out of sync with your brand. This can cause your potential customers to be confused and not buy from you.

In Today’s podcast episode, we are doing a Grammarly For Business Review where we walk you through all the great free features of Grammarly and the Business Features that can make sure all the copy you and your team create stays on brand. Some of the features we review are:

-Brand Voice
-Style Guide
-Chrome Extension and Apps

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