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Recession Proof Your Business – Create A Plan To Thrive

Recessions don’t have to be scary or times of famine for a small business. If you are prepared and Recession proof your business they can be a time of great growth for your business. The key is being prepared. Often times business get stuck in a rut when income is good and customers are plentiful. This is the time to create your recession plan. Here are the top things you need to do to create the recession proof your business plan

1 – Keep your marketing budget at the same level and if you can increase it.
2. Build strong relationships with your existing customer community.
3. Upsell to those existing customers.
4. Create incentive programs to keep current customers and gain new ones.
5. Join a BNI – this type of group is your BFF during a recession.
6. Create products and services specifically for the recession
7. Don’t be tone deaf.
8. Look at your expenses and cut out what you really don’t need.

Take a listen to the episode where I dive into each one of these topics to help you create your Recession Proof Your Business Plan.

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