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Monthly Marketing Update - March 2023

Monthly Marketing Update – March 2023

Show SummaryWelcome to the Marketing Update For March 2023. We’re seeing some exciting developments in the world of marketing that are sure to pique the interest of any entrepreneur looking to engage their audience in new and innovative ways. In this episode, we’ll be diving into the latest trend of combining video and text to enhance audience engagement, and discussing how home-based businesses can leverage hotspots in their video content to drive conversions. We’ll also be taking a closer look at the latest YouTube videos from marketing masterminds.Here’s what’s in the update:Combining video and text for better audience engagementHow to use hotspots in video to drive conversionsInsights from marketing masterminds on using ChatGPT and Canva in your marketing effortsWe’ll be exploring each of these topics in detail, sharing the latest news and insights from the world of marketing in March 2023. Products We RecommendGet Canva  Episodes  Mentioned in the PodcastEpisode 52 -How To Create Professional Marketing VideosEpisode 89 – Video Is Where Social Media Is Going: Making Videos On CanvaEpisode 97 – ChatGPT For MarketingThis Episode Sponsored By: This episode is sponsored by Inkyma, a marketing agency for small businesses that want to share their greatness with the world. Inkyma helps businesses build a client base by developing creative solutions to reach new customers, build lasting relationships, and increase revenue. To meet your marketing needs, Inkyma has built a team with a proven process, with experienced staff and subject matter experts that execute the perfect combination of art, strategy and technology to help you grow your business.  Love our Podcast? Buy us a cup of coffee to help keep creating for you – Sign up for our newsletter at  Free marketing educational content with how-to videos delivered to your inbox. Join Us on Social Media  Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Instagram

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