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Brand Identity Crisis

Brand Identity Crisis: The Bud Light Marketing Blunder That Enraged Its Core Audience

Show SummaryIn this podcast episode, we delve into the captivating story of Bud Light’s recent brand identity crisis. We begin by reflecting on the brand’s legacy over the past two decades, highlighting its core values, target audience, and memorable advertising campaigns. Next, we examine the controversial ad that sparked widespread backlash, discussing its content and departure from the brand’s established identity. We then explore the fallout from this marketing blunder, analyzing the factors that contributed to its negative impact. Finally, we offer an alternative approach, providing a creative example of how Bud Light could have remained true to its roots while still innovating. Join us as we uncover the lessons to be learned from this cautionary tale of branding gone awry.Links Mentioned In This Episode Episode 37- Strong Brand Identity Part 1: The CustomerEpisode 38- Strong Brand Identity Part 2: How To Talk To Your Customers For Better EngagementEpisode 39 – Strong Brand Identity Part 3: Branding Visual IdentityLink to article for reference and review of the commercial – Episode Sponsored By: This episode is sponsored by Inkyma, a marketing agency for small businesses that want to share their greatness with the world. Inkyma helps businesses build a client base by developing creative solutions to reach new customers, build lasting relationships, and increase revenue. To meet your marketing needs, Inkyma has built a team with a proven process, with experienced staff and subject matter experts that execute the perfect combination of art, strategy and technology to help you grow your business.  Love our Podcast? Buy us a cup of coffee to help keep creating for you – Sign up for our newsletter at  Free marketing educational content with how-to videos delivered to your inbox. Join Us on Social Media  Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Instagram

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