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Top 3 Things to Include When Blogging for Content Marketing

The blog on a business website is a valuable marketing tool in the modern age. But it only works if done right. When you are blogging to promote more business, there are certain things you need to do every time you write a post. Using these three tips to transform your company blog into effective content marketing. 1. Write for

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how to plan your marketing for the new year

How to Plan your Marketing for the New Year

The new year is in full swing. Have you taken time to prepare your business for revenue grow? A crucial step is defining your goals and objectives for the year so you know what you want to achieve—then comes your marketing strategy.  This post will walk you through the steps needed to create an effective marketing plan for 2019. First,

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how to use video in your online marketing plan

How to Use Video in Your Online Marketing Plan

You want to take advantage of every chance to capture audience attention and communicate your message. Video marketing increases your impressions and reach across all digital platforms. Humans are hardwired to look at movement. A moving image on a screen causes people to stop scrolling and pay attention.  Replacing still photography with video boosts your online marketing growth. We have

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4 videos that increase your content marketing

Top 4 Videos That Increase Your Content Marketing Reach

Internet users are watching videos at a high rate. Cisco Visual Networking Index forecasts that online videos will be 80+ percent of consumer internet traffic by 2020. If you’re not already engaging in video content marketing, now is the time! The right kinds of video can increase your reach on social media. Both live action film and animated videos can

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Video Marketing

How to Stand Out In a Crowd

In a crowded marketplace, companies must differentiate themselves from the competition. Your brand won’t automatically stand out. Bold, competitive value is what sets your company apart. This means developing a strategy to stand out in the crowd. Creating Value: The Key to Competitive Advantage The best way to do this is by offering more value to your current and future customers. When everyone

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Video Marketing

Focus Your Content to Get More Clients

Connecting with future customers through social media is a business best practice. To compete, your business needs to meet people where they are. Chances are, your potential clients are on social media. With 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the best places to reach your target audience. Increase Your Reach by Keeping Content Fresh Unlike on your

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Web Design Partner

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency

We all know that sustainable business growth needs a well-structured marketing plan. Powerful advertisements make your target audience feel a connection to your brand. This, in turn, sets the foundation to generate leads that convert to sales. The big question is: should you do it yourself or hire a marketing agency to plan, manage, and execute the strategy on your

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Facebook Posts

Create Eye-catching Facebook Posts and Ads With These 2 Simple Tips

As people scroll through their Facebook posts feed, they skip over plenty of text without ever reading it. People pay attention to the picture before ever looking at the words. That’s why so many Facebook posts and ads have accompanying visual graphics. But to really get your message seen, you need to make your pictures stand out among the crowd

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graphic design

Top 3 Marketing Tools for Attracting Clientele Who Pay What You Are Worth

Tired of potential customers questioning your prices? Maybe you just need to attract different clients. There are people out there who are ready and willing to pay top dollar for services and goods from knowledgeable professionals. Consider the case of an entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in interior design and many years of experience working in her field. She has

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marketing agency

Taking Control of your Website Design Content (part 4 of 4)

In this series, we’ve been discussing how to use website design strategies to attract more customers. In the last post, we reviewed strategies for boosting user engagement on your site.  Now, we are going to discuss how to take back control of your content after your site has been professionally designed. Backup Your Content Let’s say you hire a new

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