Tool Evaluation: Rank Math For Easy SEO

Marketing Strategies Podcast Episode 40 Tool Evaluation: Rank Math For Easy SEO. What is the one word that can be said that will make every business owner and web designer break out into a cold sweat? SEO! We know our websites need it but seldom have an idea how to do it easily and, more importantly, effectively. Today Audrey explores Rank Math and how she uses this website plugin on her clients’ sites to optimize and get some good organic traffic flowing.

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Rank Math For Easy SEO Summary

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is an SEO tool that works within a WordPress website. It is a plugin you install that makes it easy for anyone to optimize site SEO and allows you to SEO each individual page on the site. It ranks your page and content. The higher the score, the better you will do in SEO. If your score is low, it will tell you what you need to fix. So, essentially, site-level and page-level SEO. And the best part, you don’t need to know code like you did way back when to use this tool! A win-win in my book!

Benefits & Features

Cost – Rank Math has both a free and paid version. The free version is really useful to start. The paid version for a single site is $59 per year. Compared to their competitor, Yoast, which only has a paid version at $89 per year per site.

WordPress Only (insert sad face) – If you are using GoDaddy, Shopify, Wix, or any other site builder, this does not apply. I have used other systems out there for Rank Math and it doesn’t work the same.

Setup Wizard – This feature walks you through a series of questions to set up the overall business structure correctly for SEO. It also helps you get connected with Google and Bing search consoles so your site gets indexed as fast as possible. Indexing is where Google looks at your site and then puts it into search queries so this one is pretty important.

Page-Level SEO Scoring – Set your focus keyword phrase, not a keyword but a phrase. Listen to Episode 22 on how they are different – XXX out of 100 and it has a guide that tells you what you need to do to improve your score. You can keep tweaking your content until you get your score in the green. The more pages in the green, the better your overall SEO.

This one is huge because SEO happens in the constant updating of the website. Your main pages need to be very few words so that a person can skim them to see if you are a good fit for them, but the search engines need content and that is where the blog comes in. You get potential customers doing research that will find your blog article, and the search engines love the long-format content.

Built-In Schemas – What’s a schema? I go over that in detail in episode 22. Basically, you REALLY want schemas, especially if you do a lot of recipes, videos, or FAQ content. In the past, someone had to code that into your website; now you just set up the parameters and then add Schema identifiers to your post within WordPress and your schemas are done.

Reporting and Data – Stats and reporting are built into the Rank Math plugin. This is telling you how your SEO is doing, what content is doing well, and what’s not. For content that is doing well, you can write more on that topic. For content that is not, you can go back and tweak your score.

Overall site analytics – You can also get a scan of anything else that needs to be fixed to help support your site overall. For example, if an image is missing its Alt Text – Search engines use this to identify what the image is about and pull it up in image searches.

New AI feature (just released) – This new feature gives you additional keyword phrases to use based on your content. You can rank for more than one keyword phrase if your content is long enough.

Hopefully, you feel like SEO is a little less scary now that you’ve been introduced to Rank Math, the ultimate powerhouse in SEO.


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Join Inkyma’s email newsletter to receive a FREE copy of “4 Instant Ways to Improve Your Company’s Marketing Plan” with tips you can implement today to boost your business’ presence online.