Forget T.V., Score Big with YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads Video

Your goal is to reach as many potential customers/clients as possible through your marketing strategy. Video marketing is growing and has been shown to convert better than print or still images in digital marketing. Lucky for you, search engines are extremely fond of videos because of the way they engage viewers. By posting videos as part of your marketing campaign, you can exponentially increase your chances of exposure to the right person.

Online video ads have become more effective than television because of viewer habits. When is the last time you watched your favorite show in real-time? Many viewers nowadays, DVR it and watch when they have time or binge-watch several episodes. Even when they get around to watching, they skip the commercials and ads altogether.

Target Your Market

Did you know that as far as search engines go, YouTube is only second to Google? Millions of users visit the site every day for how-to videos, as a result of a Google search or out of boredom; many end up in a rabbit hole watching auto-play suggested videos long after their bedtime. This heavy usage provides you the potential to advertise to a wider audience.

Targeting your video ads allows you to narrow your audience so that your ads reach the viewers who will likely be more interested in your product or service based on their search history. Online ads enable you to reach potential customers for a fraction of what television air time charges.

TrueView Video Ads

In-Stream Ads are videos that play before or during a YouTube video. These ads can be skipped by the viewer after a five-second intro. If the viewer opts to skip the ad, you are not charged for the view.

What this means to you, the advertiser is that even if the viewer skips your ad, you have a FREE 5-second ad. Take advantage of those 5 precious seconds by presenting common problems and how your company solves them. Make sure your brand and logo are clearly visible, too. It’s important to capture the viewer’s attention and to engage them, your goal is to get them to watch the entire ad.

Discovery Ads appear as a result of a viewer’s search. You may have seen the list of videos on the right-hand side after you enter a query. Your ads will be intermingled with other videos. If a user clicks on your ad or interacts with it in any way, you will be charged, whether they watch it all the way through or not. Similar to In-Stream Ads, the viewer can skip the ad whenever they choose. It’s vital to illustrate how your company can help them with their problems early in the video. Grab their attention quickly to get them to continue watching. Remember to keep your brand and logo visible throughout the video and finish with a strong call-to-action.


If you’re already familiar with Google AdWords, growing your channel on YouTube just got easier. You can link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel for maximum exposure. Though this can be done solely based on search terms, it isn’t as effective. To optimize your In-Market Audiences, use Google’s tools to pinpoint the channels or videos your ads will display. It’s important to get your message in front of your target audience.

YouTube boasts an impressive 1 billion users and 3 billion monthly searches through its search engine. For a growing business, finding effective and affordable marketing strategies can be challenging but not impossible. Television air time is out of reach for most small businesses, so leave network television to the big boys who can afford to spend millions to reinforce brand recognition. YouTube allows you to specifically target your ideal audience for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re ready to give YouTube ads a try to grow your business but don’t know where to start, it’s best to consult a professional. At Inkyma, we have social media specialists who can help you implement your plan. Schedule a session to talk to a pro.

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