Hit The Bull’s-Eye With Online Advertising

Running your business is challenging on all levels. Dealing with day-to-day operations, keeping customers satisfied, and managing employees all day every day would wear on anyone. But wait, you’re not done yet. Staying in business means promoting your business. No matter how big or small your overall budget is, some of that needs to be earmarked for marketing and advertising. 

Since there isn’t a single perfect online platform for all advertisers, you need to study the habits of your customer base. For best results, you should incorporate your strategies across various platforms to maximize reach.  

Surely the names of the top online sites won’t surprise you, but which is the best fit for your marketing campaign?

Google Display Network (GDN) 

After PPC prices skyrocketed using AdWords, Google started offering its Display Network. Advertisers began competing for space on sites that weren’t necessarily owned by Google. Their claim of being able to reach 90% of internet users shouldn’t be overlooked. Through the use of detailed targeting, GDN can place ads based on a user’s previous search history.


People love videos, they would rather watch a clip than read an ad. Youtube is an intriguing hybrid, it clocks in as the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd largest social media platform. Its easily measured metrics and low cost per view In-Stream videos make it more efficient and economical than traditional television ads. With proper placement, advertisers see a significant return on investment. 


Facebook Ads are incredibly effective, even if they aren’t the biggest in the bunch. But boasting nearly 2.5 billion active users, they’re certainly no slouch either. Their ads give you the advantage of being able to target your audience precisely. By using layered options, you can hone your ads to a very specific demographic.  


For the right audience, Instagram can prove to be a very profitable arena for your marketing strategy. Since their merger with Facebook, they’ve grown and used similar audience targeting ads. People of all ages use Instagram, but it is still a younger person’s platform, with most of its users under 35. Their anti-corporate mindset makes it a perfect venue for “influencers.” Younger users are more inclined to take the word of a celebrity than some CEO in a suit. 

Where Ads Works for You

Nobody knows your target market better than you do. Analyze where they hang out online and focus your advertising budget to reach them. By using a few different platforms, your target audience will see the same ads multiple times, increasing your chances of engaging them. 

Consistency Creates Your Brand

Psychologists argue over the exact figures, but on average, an ad needs to seen between 7 and 12 times by a consumer before they decide to take action. No matter where you choose to place your online ads, make sure your audience is identifying with your product or service. Use identical or very similar ads across platforms to make a lasting impression.  

Over time, you may find that one online marketing platform works better for you, while others seem like a waste of money. To optimize your advertising dollars and hedge your bets, try a strategy that incorporates multiple platforms to hone in on your target audience. 

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