How to Increase Engagement Through Subtle Website Motion

The purpose of a website for your business is to help engage with your audience. Your website helps inform them of exactly what you offer, letting them know if you provide what they want or need. 

Once your website informs them of this, your site should also help them make their next action to engage, purchase, or subscribe. But how can you easily help ensure this engagement happens? 

Utilize Motion Methods On Your Website

One simple way to raise your levels of engagement on your website is motion. Having different forms of motion on your site is an easy, yet efficient, way to see your engagement rise.

There are a few different methods to using subtle motion on your website. Above all else, you’re going to want this motion targeted towards influencing your visitor to action. So, having motion delegated to any Calls to Action or testimonials is a must.

You don’t want to overwhelm your visitor, so only apply these methods to where you need to see high engagement. Use your motion sparingly, as using too much can have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

Types of Motion

There are different types of motion you can utilize on your website to increase both engagement and sales. An easy (yet highly efficient) way to help your business includes using cursor effects. When visitors hover over a part on your website, you can have the mouse cursor change, a graphic move, or a phrase highlighted.

There are other ways to use motion to highlight your content. For example, you can use motion when visitors scroll to certain parts of your website. When your visitors scroll, blocks of content can move seamlessly with them, creating a bit of an interactive page.

Pop-ups are also used to add more engaging motion to a page (for example, subscription newsletter pop-ups work great). However, if you use pop-ups, make sure to keep them at a delay, rather than have them pop up immediately when someone visits your page. Keep these pop-ups set at a delay for a specific time (such as two minutes), or only when someone is about to exit your site. You want all motion to be effective, not annoying.  

Finally, you can use carousels (for testimonials, images, etc) to help draw visitors’ eyes to what you can offer them.  

Have Your Website Bring More Business

Interested in adding motion to your website to help increase engagement or sales? Schedule a time with us to chat to learn how we can help you.

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