3 Easy Ways to Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

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Audrey Kerchner

Chief Marketing Strategist, Inkyma

Inspiration comes and goes in waves — and once you feel like you’ve lost that inspiration, it can feel almost impossible to get it back. How can you consistently find inspiration for your particular niche?

Blogging and email newsletters are some of the best ways to spread awareness and keep consumers engaged. 85% of people buy products from websites that educated them about said product. So, it’s always worth it to keep a consistent blog or newsletter. And there are three easy ways to keep your inspiration at a high!

Read the News in Your Industry Daily

It helps to stay up to date with what’s happening in your industry for your own business concerns — but the latest news could also be a source of inspiration for your next blog article. Pay attention to what’s happening in your news industry. Create a Google News alert for a specific industry keyword.

Then, when you see something time-oriented that you feel you could write on, do so and link back to that article! The news itself could simply jog a wholly original article idea, too.

Use Polls and Comments as Inspiration

Use your social media to help understand what your audience wants to see from you. Cater some of your social posts to draw engagement (whether through questions or polls) on that platform from your followers. Then, you could use these poll results and comments as ways to find inspiration for your next post.

Keep a List of Ideas

Finally, you should try to always have a list of all your ideas for future content. Whether this is on your phone or in a little notebook, try to have this list on you often. You’ll never believe when and where you think of the perfect article to write — and the last thing you want is to forget it!

Create Consistent, High-Quality Content

Feel in over your head in the content department? Let us collaborate on great topics for your blog and newsletters — and then let us write them for you! Schedule a time to chat with us now to learn more.

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