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social media marketing pitfalls

4 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

All businesses need to be aware of common social media marketing pitfalls as they attempt to navigate the tricky waters of social media. While it can be hard to enhance your presence on different social platforms, it’s not impossible. With these 4 tips, you’ll know what to avoid as you plan your social media marketing. Social Media Marketing Pitfalls In

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When creating a marketing strategy, is email marketing or social media marketing better? Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing; both offer different pros, they also have their own unique cons.

Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Which Is Better?

In this era of ever-evolving technology, one question that continues to dominate marketing strategy conversations is whether to use email marketing or social media marketing for maximum benefit. Unraveling the intricacies of these two potent marketing tools, we aim to draw comparisons, underline strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately guide you on which method would be best suited to connect with your

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3 Major Social Media Trends

The 3 Major Social Media Trends to Pay Attention to in the Future

Social media trends are, much like other trends, always changing, and evolving. Recent developments in different social platforms have revealed that there are 3 major social media Trends you should definitely look at to see if they are right for your business. While much is uncertain at the moment, it isn’t time for businesses to stop marketing. With the COVID-19

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social media marketing trends

5 Current Social Media Marketing Trends to Try

Social media is an ever-changing field, so finding marketing that works for your business can feel impossible. Here are 5 social media marketing trends that have recently taken off — and it looks like they won’t be going anywhere in the near future. 1. Influencers Still Work It appears that influencer power isn’t going away anytime soon. Influencers tend to

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The One Thing You Must Know Before Running Facebook Ads

Ready to begin running your first Facebook Ad? There are many key factors to know when running a successful Facebook Ad campaign. It’s difficult to find the strategy that works well for your business, especially when using tools that you’ve never used before. First off, you need to understand key facts about your business — and your audience — before

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Does Your Business Need to Be On All Social Media Platforms?

As you work to consistently produce content for your business through your website and social media accounts, it can occasionally feel like circumstances aren’t quite working out. With social media especially, it very often feels like all your hard work and energy is going nowhere. A key component to growing your engagement and following on social media is to post

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How to Reel Viewers In Within 10 Seconds of Your Facebook Ad Video

Utilizing video ads on Facebook is an efficient way to help grow your business and increase your overall brand awareness. However, with all the other businesses and brands who have realized this, it may feel a little difficult getting your audience to actually watch your Facebook video. By having a great hook, you can reel viewers in the opening 10

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3 Easy Ways to Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

Inspiration comes and goes in waves — and once you feel like you’ve lost that inspiration, it can feel almost impossible to get it back. How can you consistently find inspiration for your particular niche? Blogging and email newsletters are some of the best ways to spread awareness and keep consumers engaged. 85% of people buy products from websites that

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Why All Buzz About Facebook’s New Tool Creator Studio?

Facebook has released a new tool for its users — and this one is a gamechanger. Facebook Creator Studio is a new tool that allows users to schedule their social media posts on both their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Now that Facebook has released Creator Studio, businesses have a new option to paid services like Hootsuite or Buffer. This free

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