How to Reel Viewers In Within 10 Seconds of Your Facebook Ad Video

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Audrey Kerchner

Chief Marketing Strategist, Inkyma

Utilizing video ads on Facebook is an efficient way to help grow your business and increase your overall brand awareness. However, with all the other businesses and brands who have realized this, it may feel a little difficult getting your audience to actually watch your Facebook video.

By having a great hook, you can reel viewers in the opening 10 seconds of your video. Then, it’s easier to convert these viewers to potential followers and customers. Follow these simple tips to help increase your overall video ad engagement. 

Make Your Brand Name Appear In the First Few Seconds

First of all, you want to make sure all viewers that land on your video at least learns your business name. Even if they don’t watch the whole video, make sure they see your name. To do this, make your business logo appear in the first few seconds of the video.

While you obviously want these potential customers to watch the whole video, you can’t win everyone over. However, if they see your business logo, they may remember it. The more they see your logo, the more they’ll become familiar with it, which will eventually lead to creating more trust between you and your audience. 

The more they see your logo, the more they may want to learn about what you offer. Eventually, they’re more likely to either watch another video ad from you or check out your page to learn more.

Don’t Bury the Lead

In the first 10 seconds of your Facebook video ad, you need to get to the point. Don’t bury the lead. People scrolling through their feed aren’t going to spend too much time on a video from a business they’ve potentially never heard of — so you need to reel them in quick.

Let them know the point of the video, or what you’re offering them, early. Then, you can spend the rest of the video expanding on exactly what you can provide.

For example, if your business offers a service, let them know these services immediately. Then, spend the rest of the video expanding on this theme by including content like testimonials or details about your business.

Use Bold, High-Quality Designs, Graphics, and Visual Effects

Lastly, one simple way to reel viewers in within the first 10 seconds of your video is by making the video look as high-quality as possible. Use bold graphics and visual effects to wow whoever is watching it. 

Many people won’t watch these video ads with the sound on. By using bold graphics, typography, and designs, you’re able to reel them in without having to rely on sound. Make your videos high-quality whether someone is watching them with or without sound to really hook viewers in.

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