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why web design matters

Unlock 5 Game-Changing Reasons Why Web Design Matters in 2023

People often talk about how every business needs a good website. Yet, many of these businesses do not even get into the specifics of why web design matters. It’s not just about making your website look beautiful or completing an overall aesthetic. It’s about creating a well-designed website that can be beneficial to your business. We’re going to discuss why

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When creating a marketing strategy, is email marketing or social media marketing better? Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing; both offer different pros, they also have their own unique cons.

Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Which Is Better?

In this era of ever-evolving technology, one question that continues to dominate marketing strategy conversations is whether to use email marketing or social media marketing for maximum benefit. Unraveling the intricacies of these two potent marketing tools, we aim to draw comparisons, underline strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately guide you on which method would be best suited to connect with your

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Increase Sales Through Web Design

How to Increase Sales Through Web Design This Holiday Season

Converting followers to customers is important year-round — but the end of the year offers opportunities for businesses to really drive in sales. With the holidays right around the corner, make sure to increase sales through web design with these simple tips. Optimize Your Mobile Site and Speed Most website visitors browse your site on their mobile device, so you

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Check out these 3 simple marketing strategies for small business

3 Simple Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Marketing isn’t easy and takes a lot of experience, trial and error, and patience to really bring about success. Check out these 3 simple marketing strategies for small business that every business should use, regardless of their budget, size, or niche!  3 simple marketing strategies for small business Utilize Your Social Media Accounts Creating organic social media posts on different

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Professional Webinar

Pro Trips on Creating a Professional Webinar That Attracts New Clients

Webinars have always been beneficial for businesses, but they’ve definitely reached new heights in 2020. Learn pro tips on how to create a professional webinar that attracts new clients.  As so many in the nation and around the world struggle to figure out how business works amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been conducting webinars to continue to educate

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Top 2 Newsletter Metrics To Get You More Leads

Creating email newsletters can be difficult and time-consuming, but the job doesn’t stop once you’ve perfected your overall design and copy. Once you send out your newsletters, it’s important that you monitor a few metrics associated with your sent emails. Below, we’ve chosen the top 2 newsletter metrics to get you more leads — and make adjustments for future newsletter

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website speed

Why Website Speed Matters

When creating your business website, there are a lot of factors you have to pay attention to in order to make the site user friendly for customers and leads but also for search engine optimization: Keywords Meta Tags Internal and External Links Educational Blog articles are all important for a business website to rank well in search, but oftentimes many

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Blog Post Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Blog Post Engagement

Having a blog on your business website is beneficial for many reasons. It helps increase your likelihood of ranking high on Google because you have more content and it helps keep educate your followers and customers.  There’s a difference between regular old blog posts and those that engage site visitors into wanting to become a customer. With these five tips

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Webinar Interactive

How to Make Your Webinar Interactive

Webinars have always been beneficial for companies to make. With the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve become essential for so many businesses looking to connect with their audience so make your webinar interactive to get more attendees. You don’t want to create a webinar that’s boring. You need to keep your audience immersed during the time spent with you. One way to

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