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Small Business Graphic Design

Canva For Small Business Graphic Design

Many small business owners need to do their own graphic design work until they can afford to higher someone and even then for quick small designs, it’s faster and easier to do it yourself. You need a tool that can create and store unique designs for all of your marketing needs.

That tool is Canva. It’s an ever-growing tool for non-graphic designers to create designs for all parts of their marketing Just some of the things it can create are:

-Social posts – images and video
-Print materials – BC, Flyers, Table Top Signs
-Menus for your restaurant
-Website graphics and GIFs

It also has an extensive stock library of images and videos you can use as part of your software license

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boundaries for business owners

Work-Life Boundaries For Business Owners – Interview with Mary Brown

Client resentment and burnout are not supposed to be a part of owning a business. Many business owners think it’s just part of being an entrepreneur but it’s actually an indication that you have not set the right boundaries for yourself or your business. Learn the value of setting boundaries for business owners and for yourself to help your business

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Marketing A Business

Marketing A Business

Whether you have a brand new business startup or you have decided to make your hobby business your full-time business, you need Marketing for your business. A business needs to have a marketing strategy to help it grow. There is a lot of marketing available to a business but you need to have a strong foundation.

There are 4 key parts to marketing a business that we will go over in this podcast plus the Importance of Marketing:

– Branding A Business
– Website For A Business
– SEO For A Website
– Email Outreach

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Sales Process For Small Business

A Sales Process For Small Business – Interview with Nancy Zare

So many small business owners hate the sales part of the business. They don’t want to come across as sleazy or annoying. What they really want to do is serve and help the people who need their products and services.

Sales can be easy and painless for a small business owner. You just have to have a sales process that works with your business and is repeatable. In today’s episode, Audrey interviews Nancy Zare Author and Sales Training expert about how to implement and sales process and why its important. Here is what is covered

Importance of the sales process – not losing leads
Nancy’s overview of how to sell based on customers’ personality types
A simple sales process to follow

They have a little fun along the way so make sure you watch the episode on Youtube.

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Tubebuddy Review

TubeBuddy Review: SEO for YouTube

Creating and publishing a YouTube video is great but you also need people to find it in order for it to be effective as part of your marketing strategy and tactics mix.

We recommend using TubeBuddy to optimize your YouTube videos to make it easier for people to find and watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. We are going through our favorite TubeBuddy features:

Chrome extension
Keyword explorer and phrase recommendation tools
Best Practices Checklist
Build In Thumbnail creation tool
A/B Testing
End Card Templates
Competitive analysis tool

We deep dive into all of these in the episode

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YouTube Ads - TV Commercials For Small Business Marketing

YouTube Ads – TV Commercials For Small Business Marketing

YouTube Ads – TV Commercials For Small Business Marketing. The very marketing that was sought after by millions of business owners for years has now been made possible with YouTube. It’s not your traditional commercial ads, it’s better. Think targeted markets, and budgets, with a modern twist. Today we are going to discuss YouTube Ads, the TV commercial of the future.

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Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

Emotional Intelligence In Marketing is advanced level stuff.  When you talk to your leads in your marketing campaigns,  do you try to understand the emotional state they are in when viewing your campaigns? If not, you should. Today we are going to chat about Emotional Intelligence and how it can make your marketing messages stand out. Links Mentioned In This

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How To Increase Serviced Based Business Click-Through Rates

How To Increase Serviced Based Business Click-Through Rates

When you have a website and marketing running. It’s something every business owner wants to know. You are getting some leads and that’s wonderful. But how do you get more? We are going to chat about improving click-through rates across all your marketing campaigns in this episode for service-based businesses. Go grab a cup of coffee so we can dive into this topic.

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What Is The Process Like To Work With Inkyma

What Is The Process Like To Work With Inkyma

What Is The Process Like To Work With Inkyma? It is a question we are often asked and honestly don’t mind explaining. Today, Audrey is going to walk you through our introduction and onboarding process here at Inkyma, because it’s pretty different than what most businesses do in the marketing industry. After all, marketing is a long-term commitment, and we want to make sure that the relationship is a good fit for everyone.

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Increase Local SEO

Google My Business Review: Increase Local SEO

Google My Business is a tool that Google offers to increase local SEO. It’s quite simple. You tell them who you are, and how and where they should rank you. This is how Google Connects the dots. Best of all, it’s free and it’s on this rare occasion where free is actually the perfect tool for the job. Let’s talk about how setting up your Google My Business Listing is the first thing you should do to improve your SEO.

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