ChatBots To Increase Lead Conversion On Your Website

ChatBots To Increase Lead Conversion On Your Website

ChatBots To Increase Lead Conversion On Your Website might sound like a futuristic way of engaging with your leads, but ChatBots actually help ensure that your potential customers aren’t getting lost in a sea of emails, or worse, spam mail. Audrey is going to discuss why she uses Tidio for her ChatBots, some of the awesome features and templates that Tidio has to offer, and how to get started. So let’s put on our tech hats, and learn how ChatBots can increase your lead conversions.

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What we discussed:

  • What is a ChatBot?
  • What can ChatBots do?
  • What a ChatBot like Tidio can do that a contact form can’t

ChatBots To Increase Lead Conversion On Your Website

*Not ready to give this episode a listen just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

Contact us forms are no longer the best way to engage people on your
website. Legitimate emails can get lost in spam, and even with things
like Google’s recapture or a honeypot, you can still get a lot of spam
every day In your inbox from your contact form causing you to maybe
ignore the emails that come in.
So today we’re going to talk about replacing your contact us form or your
contact forms with a chat bot on your website. Okay. So before we get
into the meat of the content, a couple of housekeeping things, if you go
to the show notes on our website at income, uh, dot com, that’s
Click on the show. there’s going to be a rough transcript of this episode
and rough meaning. You’re going to see the ums, the AHS, maybe some
missing words. but you’re going to get the basic gist. So it’s a really good
reference if you’ve listened to this and you want to go back and,
remember a specific point, there is also a bunch of links in there for
things that I’m going to talk about today.
Product links, links to past episodes, all kinds of other good things. And
one of the lines. That you’re going to find is, we have a new blog. We
have an unbranded blog called marketing masterminds. and we just
launched it, basically within the last 30 days of recording this episode.
And I’m really excited because, in Como we’re a marketing agency and
we like to sell our services, but this.
New blog marketing masterminds is dedicated to education only. we’re
doing blog articles, we’re doing videos or going to be putting trainings up
all on how to market it yourself, market your own business, or implement
a product that we’re going to recommend to you either here or
someplace else.
So it’s really a nice companion piece and the entire blog is free and it’s
going to be free forever. this is our way to give back to the small
business community by helping you help yourself, even more so than we
do here on, income as marketing strategies. go search for marketing
The link is in the show notes, check out our content and then make
suggestions for what you want to see there as well. so I’ll talk about that
more as the episode goes with, we’re super excited. Okay. So now let’s
start the conversation. Okay. Chatbots. But before we talk about

chatbots, I want to take a step back, good web site, best practices, like
what goes on a website to make it really good and useful for the person
that’s coming there.
And best practices is that you always have to have a way for people to
contact you. they’re going to have questions. They’re going to have
comments, but most importantly, hopefully what they’re going to want to
do is sign up to become a customer or be a repeat customer, come back
and buy. So way back in the day of web design, this all started with just
putting your telephone number and your email address on the website
and asking people to, reach out to you, but spammers ruined it for all of
us, with just those two really simple things, right?
Because now we get a plethora of spam calls and spam emails, which
are not. And so here is my public service announcement for the day for
you is, do not ever put your email address on your website as a link, use
a contact. As your last resort, because once they scrape it and they get
the email address, you’re done.
You can’t ever get it back from them, at least add a layer of protection
with some type of a form so that,they have to fill it out and push to you.
And then you can decide to ignore it. If they’re trying to sell you
something or send you offers in languages that you can’t read, which are
also helpful.
So originally contact forms were created for that purpose because of the
spanning the person would fill out the form. And send it off and you
would get it and you would interact with them. and the nice thing about a
contact form is that you could get additional information before you
reached back out to them.
So a good contact form, doesn’t just collect their name and their email
address. If you need their telephone number, if you’re in the trades and
you need an. You could ask for that ahead of time, so you could look up
a location. and then you could also say, what are you inquiring about
and provide a list of your services and then a place for them to put a
you could put other questions in there. so they are and were really,very
useful. Up until recently, we’re the best option and a super best practice
for your website. But over the last several years, I’m going to say two to

three because I did a prediction thing two or three years ago that
chatbots would become much more prevalent and that has become true.
Because their implementation and usage is on the rise one, we know
how the best in your service inside Facebook interacts and people
thought that was cool. And so now when they see it on a website, it’s
much more familiar. plus you can do so, so much more with these little
chatbots, to up your customer service game and the added benefit,
The bonus is that you can actually avoid spam, right? The spam bots
that are trying to push. Emails nine ways to Sunday can’t program
something to work on every single chat bot, because chatbots are
customizable to your site. The workflow that you set up is very specific to
you. And so there’s no way to program something that says, fill it out and
send a bazillion times.
They have to work really hard. And even the people that do the copy and
paste and send you spam that way, they have to work even harder too,
because they have to figure out how to navigate your chat bot in order to
get something sent to you.
So let’s talk about what a chat bot is and what. So a chat bot is really just
this little app that goes on your website. And if you use WordPress, they
actually have plugins for a bunch of the different ones out there, but the
one that we really like to use and we’ve implemented several times and
we actually use on marketing masterminds is a product called tidy O T I
I oh, and they actually don’t call themselves a chat bot, which I think is
really great. They call themselves a customer service platform. So I love
their mindset. I love the way that they present themselves. Because
they’ve evolved the chat bot into something so much more than just a
way for people to send you messages that may you go to your email or
even text you.
And so that’s what we’re going to talk about more so inside of the tidy
app or the website where you do all your setup, they have a bunch of
different templates. Like they created pre-programmed. For you. so that
if you want to send a welcome message, you can, if you want to do
different things, you start with their template, you modify it for you and
you go on your Merry way.

And then if you’re like hardcore and robust, and you want to do
something totally different and cool, you can start from scratch and
create your own little workflow. On your site. So think of it as an
automation tool or, artificial intelligence. let me give you a couple of
examples, right?
So one example is we have an e-commerce client and they make a
product that fits. Multiple fishing rods across multiple different companies
and brands. It’s not just for one. we have this full chart in the product
listing. It’s long though. There’s like20 or 25 different fishing rods and five
or six different fishing companies, fishing.
vendors. so you can use that and you can hunt and Peck and find yours.
But then the other thing that we implemented inside of the tidy chatbot
was that, Hey, are you looking, for the, the right holder size for your rod?
Yes. Which rod do you have? And they can go from a list or they can
start typing it.
And then it says, okay, great. Yeah, we have a size for that one. Okay.
Here it is. You order the medium. if they don’t have it, a message goes
back out to the owner with the rod and then he can engage either at that
time or whenever he is ready to say, oh, that particular one, I did the
research and I think this is going to be the right one for you.
So really great customer service. And he’s actually implemented this and
he actually makes quite a few sales. Just buy this back and forth by
getting those notifications. another example is actually, like I had
mentioned through the marketing masterminds blog. so what we did is
we use the blog also as a testing ground for tools.
We want to see kind of like how flexible they can be, how intricate that
can be. So instead of putting a contact form on there, we actually just
implemented the chat bot. So we have a welcome message that comes.
People can ask questions. it’s set up to go live at certain times and then,
send notifications when we’re not live.
And so what we’re going to do over the next couple of months is
actually, figure out how we can implement it even further. so one of the
things that’s really cool is that if someone is reading an article, they
can,in context, Send us a question. And the information that comes
through is not just that, oh, someone asked you a question.

They don’t even have to give us their name. We can see which article
they were reading, and we can see how many times they went to
different articles so that we can try to answer that question in context as
much as possible. Because if someone asks me a question and I know
they’ve read a specific article, I’m going to narrow my response down to
that and see if it hits the mark the first time.
So there’s a lot more that,tidy and other chatbots can do. And some of
these features are things that can be done with other apps. You can load
three or four different apps on your website. hopefully it’ll support it if it’s
WordPress, it probably well. but would it be nice if all of this could be just
configured and done in one place that way, when you’re looking to set
up discount codes or,set up newsletter stuff.
You can do that all in one place. So it not only is a really great tool to
use, to get people to interact more and better. It also makes your life a
little easier. One of the parts of the tool that I really liked that. It will put in
small animation features without being obnoxious, to catch the eye.
So we as humans is we are pre-programmed right in that little part of our
lizard brain that if something moves in front of us, we’re going to look at
it. Think about it, test it, try it. have something on a screen. That’s
moving like a video. Try not to look at it. Try not to watch it. It is
extremely difficult to do.
And that’s, what’s great about this is because it’s not in your face. It’s not
gonna pop up right. In the middle of their view and annoying them. It’s
just going to be a little thing. That’s going to niggle on the corner. You
look at, you decide if you’re going to interact with it and then you
continue to move on and you don’t have to push it back down or do
anything different with it.
And so that’s really important. Okay. So this next section, I am,tongue in
cheek, labeling it as things you can do with a chat bot that you can’t do
with a contact form. in reality, you know, a bunch of these. As part of this
service-based platform, we’re never meant for a contact form, but that’s
what I’m calling it.
So in general, chat bots are proactive tools. They have AI in them, you
create workflows, you can customize them where contact forms are
reactive. They’re just sitting there waiting for somebody to fill them out,

and not doing anything else for you. So I like getting tools that really give
you the best bang for your buck and, do the most attended.
So one of the features that I really like is that if someone is on your
website and , you may not be live at the time, you may be, but you get a
notification that there’s someone on the site. and they may not reach out
via the chat bot. You can actually start the interaction by knowing
someone is on the site, which is really cool.
And you know, where are they? So you could say, Hey, thanks for
coming to the site. I know you’re looking at this particular article. Do you
have any questions? Can I help you with anything? It’s like that person
that walks up to you in the store and says, oh, we have that blouse in
this color too.
so think of it from that perspective, obviously contact forms. Can’t do
that. you can have your. Chatbot come up is like your little Walmart
greeter, where they, greet everybody when they first come to the site,
say hi, and then you can prompt them with something that is most
relevant to you and your site.
It may not just be, Hey, let us know if you have a question, but oh, we’re
offering this discount right now. Oh, this particular thing is on sale or it
could be something like 99% of our people come to the site for this. So
let me just offer it to you right now. It’s are you like, so in the example
earlier with the fishing, the main messages is, if you’re looking for, a
holder for your fishing rod, what fishing rod do you have, let us help you
find the right size right now.
And even if they don’t know what that is, they’re going to be intrigued.
They’d come for fishing gear. Another thing is you can actually have
within the prompts, schedule a time to meet. So let’s say they’re going
through the flow and it seems like an appropriate time ,to schedule a
meeting. You can say, Hey, would you like to schedule a meeting?
yes, then. A product like tidy and tidy. I know does exactly. This is, it
integrates with Calendly, so it can be great. Pick this date and time it
puts it on your calendar. It sends them a calendar invite. and then you
attach through Calendly, whatever you want, your zoom link, it can be an
in-person meeting.

It can be whatever you want. but it’s just all auto. Another nice thing is
you can actually, for e-commerce you can have appropriate discount
codes show up at checkout, which I think is really cool. so in the
workflow you can say, if they put this product in their shopping cart, offer
them this discount code.
and it’s just a nice, gentle reminder. A lot of times people will abandon
the shopping cart. So if you’re going to offer the discount anyway, wait
until the end. Offered at the end. And it may just be that little extra umph
to get them to finish, the sale right then and there, and not have to make
your system kick off your abandoned cart, series of emails or anything
through the chat.
and obviously that can’t be done with a contact form, but that is
something that would be an additional system or set up. And then, so I
mentioned you can schedule when you’re going to be live. You can’t
even put a message on, there were live during these times of the day. If
you want to talk to someone live at those times, or you can leave us a
message and we’ll get back to you during those times.
Or you can talk to our friendly, automated bot. And I do recommend that
you don’t try to spook people into thinking that the automated bot is
actually a live person. Cause you know, we’re all pretty smart and none
of us mind talking to a bot, if it’s helpful, at least I don’t, if I know I’m
talking to a bot, I know its limitations, No, the limitations of your bot to
always ask things like, was this information helpful? If not, you might
need to talk to a real human. Do you want someone to contact you? do
you want to schedule a phone call with us? Do you want to give us your
email address and we’ll get back to you, Take it to the next level and
prompt, that next level of interaction. if they can’t find what they’re
looking for with just. Tidy also has, cool features. Like you can do it as
spinning wheel for interactive surveys or like coupons, like spin the
wheel to get a coupon, like something they can play with something
that’s fun.
And so if your brand and what you’re selling, has an element of fun to it
that you want to start off right away with. It might be a good thing to do,
especially if they hit a certain page. it can go. I did mention the call
scheduling feature, but it doesn’t have to be at the end.
It can be something that is prompted like, Hey, . This content that you’re
looking at, is really good for this, that, and the other. Would you like to

schedule a call to have someone call you back at a specific date and
time to talk about it? could be good for real estate agents where,
someone’s looking at a listing, it’s do you really like this listing?
Do you want us to call you so we can schedule a time for you to go see
it? just little things like that, and obviously contact forms. Aren’t going to
do these. One thing that I’m going to be playing with over the next 30
days is, personalizing messaging for first time visitors versus repeat
I think it’s really cool that you can acknowledge when someone has
come back to your site. And so for marketing masterminds, I want to put
something like welcome back. We hope that you enjoyed your content
the first time. Can we recommend, content to you in one of these
categories, for your return visit and they can click on content marketing
and we can say, great, we just implemented XYZ, go take a look at it.
and so we’re going to be playing with that a little bit. so if you want to
know the results of that, I’m recording this now. We haven’t played with it
yet. I would suggest signing up for our, marketing masterminds
newsletter because in the newsletter, we’re going to share the articles.
We’re going to share the, videos and everything. When it’s appropriate,
we’re going to actually share our test results on what happened when we
tested something so that you can see it. So if you listen to this and then
a month from now, you get the newsletter that says, Hey, guess what?
Here’s how this implementation went.
And we’re going to show you the good, the bad and the ugly, because
it’s never perfect the first time. we usually tweak things and then over the
course of six months to a year, realistically, when we’re implementing
something new, we get it tweaked to where it’s really.
So now I want to talk to you about good website, user experience, best
practices,called UI it’s because it’s user interaction experiences. The
term it’s been around since almost the beginning of, websites being
created and what the best practices in general is that you want to give
users multiple ways to get to the path.
Of information that they want and everybody’s path is going to be
different. So you want to provide as many as possible. so as an
example, some people like to navigate through a menu. Other people

like search bars, a good you, I, best practice is you offer. So in the
context of what we’re talking about today is you don’t want to just have a
chat bot and then disregard all the other types of ways for people to
schedule an appointment, make a phone call, find content, right?
You still want to have all those other ways. You just want to layer the
chat bot on top of it. So if they want to add something to the cart, which
is a feature of the chatbots, you can certainly have it in the chatbot, but
don’t not have it in the. I say, what I don’t want to see is, someone
comes to your site and it’s literally just a chat bot.
that could be a little daunting because if someone doesn’t want to
interact with a chat bot, it could put them off. Plus if you’re not providing
any type of context, it could just totally be lost on them.
Another really cool thing to not forget about with this. this customer
service feature is not just for lead generation. It’s also a really effective
tool for you to increase revenue with existing customers. So if you listen
to episodes 30 and 31, which is a two part series that I did, where, you
can get more revenue from existing customers to segmentation
strategies that talks about email, but the dollar amounts that you can get
by layering these types of things on by providing a better user
Okay. The numbers are staggering. So go listen to those. Look at the
show notes. All the stats are in there. so yeah, you’re still gonna do the
email segmentation. You’re still gonna do the social media. You’re still
going to have buttons on your website and that kind of thing, but think of
layering, the chat bot on top of that.
If you’re building a brand new site from scratch and you kind of want to
be out there and, see if something’s going to work, then you can
consider not having a contact form at all. Avoid the spam, but
implementing the chatbot, but do the other things still have your buttons?
still have a separate newsletter signup form, but give them the ability to
sign up in context inside of your chat bot.
So hopefully at the very least I have you intrigued about chatbots.
Hopefully you’re excited and you’re like, I want to try this. so now let’s
talk about taking some actions, so you can , use this knowledge that you
just learned. step one is if you have a WordPress site or a Shopify site,

Go to the show notes and click on the tidy link so that you can sign up
for the app.
I know for a fact it works on both of those and we’ve implemented them
and implementation of all, this is really easy because once you connect
it to your site, you use their mean website to configure everything. but if
you’re using something else, like a Wix or a square, I’m not sure if they
integrate, you’ll have to go and, and. Number two is get some training,
right? on the app. So, you know, kind of how it works. Tido has some
great stuff. There’s just stuff out there by other people. If you reach out
to us and say, we want you to create a training video for us, I would be
more than happy to. I will bump that up on the content creation scale for
and then put that out, and link back to it as well. And then number three,
once you have everything set up and secure, make sure you download
the app for all your devices, your phone, your,tablet, make sure it’s
active on your desktop. because the app is really good on the phone, at
interacting and knowing if you have someone to interact with what
people have done, looking at different things.
and I like to be able to, interact with people on the go, if I have a
moment, in between other things.
And what’s really nice. Is when it comes up as a notification on my
phone, inside the Tido app, I’m more likely to respond to it because I
know it’s not going to be spam. So excited about that. All right. So here
are my final thoughts for you on the second. Only use this tactic on your
If you’re comfortable with the technology, if you’ve gotten through this, or
maybe you just read the headline and skipped to the end and said, wow,
this is really making me nervous. I can barely keep up with my email or I
struggle with just even using email technology. Then this may not be the
right time or the right thing for you to use.
What I want you to know is that. Using a contact form using gesture,
telephone number, using the traditional website outreaches are still
perfectly acceptable. and that it’s not going to break your business if you
don’t implement a chat bot. so use what you’re comfortable with,
because that way, you know, You’re going to follow up on the leads.

The worst thing that you could do is collect leads, collect, requests, and
questions, and not follow up on them. That’s the thing that you don’t
Here at Inca moat. We like to give back to the business community and I
provide a free 45 minute marketing consultation to any business owner.
Regardless if you’re looking for a marketing company right now, or
maybe into the future, or maybe you want to talk about chatbots more,
tell me about your experience that you’ve already had with them.
I’d love to have that conversation with you. So just go to the website
income, I am K and the upper right-hand corner. You
can schedule a marketing evaluation with our lovely Calendly app. Pick
your date, your time, and you and I are on the calendar for a video
conference call. which I think is really cool.
I like interacting with people face to face, even if it’s across the country. if
you have just a question. income is a little old school. We’ve got a
contact form there. You can fill it out. I do still look at every single
message that comes through because I know there’s gems in there. and
not just spam.
And I respond to all of them personally. So if you found this episode And
you think that your other business owner, friends and colleagues and
networking partners would also find it helpful, please share it. our goal
here with, Incas marketing strategy is to help all businesses grow and
thrive across the entire country.
So thanks for listening and have an amazing day.

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