Monthly Marketing Update February 2023

Monthly Marketing Update February 2023

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and changing. What you did 6 months ago will not work exactly the same today because software changes. New tools come onto the market and platforms that you use to generate awareness change as well.

In this Monthly Marketing Update February 2023, I am talking with you about:

Chat GPT and where that is going

Canva’s Magic Tool and is it ready yet

Marketing Masterminds Latest Video – How to use social media to increase email subscribers.

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Monthly Marketing Update February 2023 Transcript

*Not ready to give this episode a listen or watch just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

Feb Podcast Episode: Hi there. This is Audrey Kirchner and welcome to Inkyma’s Marketing Strategies, and this is a Monthly Marketing Update February 2023. so if you are a listener of the podcast, this one also has video associated to it. and you can see all of that on the Inkyma YouTube channel. So definitely go check it out.

I got a couple slides. I’m gonna be showing you some things. a little more engaging than just the audio, but I try to explain everything that I’m showing as well so that you can just listen to the audio. this month I’m gonna be talking a lot about ai. so I’ve got some cool new things for you there, as well as some traditional good old, email and social media combining type of stuff.

So little something for everybody. this month for. . So we’re gonna start off with some high tech or high tech. in the tech world, it’s, pretty revolutionary. It’s chat, g p t. you’ve probably seen articles, heard people mention it, all over YouTube and everywhere else. It’s got a buzz going on about it right now.

because so many people signed up for it so fast and I actually think it’s pretty amazing. But when I am talking to folks, a lot of the stuff I hear is, you know,what is. , what does it do, and how can I use this for my business? I hear that a lot when I talk to business owners and we start talking about this new technology.

 and here’s one of the reasons why. So I’ve just brought up a screenshot of chat, G b T. So when you go and you sign up for an account and you look at it, it doesn’t look like much, not a lot of bells and whistles, what happened when Google first came on the scene, right? Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a box for you to throw some stuff.

Feb Podcast Episode: So here’s how I like to explain it to non-technical folks. It is artificial intelligence. I think it’s the closest thing we have at the moment to real artificial intelligence, and it’s the best one out there, in my opinion. And so don’t think of it like it’s a search tool. Think of it as it is a subject matter expert that you’re sitting across.

in whatever it is that you want to talk about, and you’re gonna have a conversation with them. You’re gonna start by asking them a simple question, and then they’re gonna give you some information back with some context around it. You’re gonna understand and digest that, and then you’re gonna ask a deeper question, and then you’re gonna get more detail.

into that topic with this expert. And you can keep going on and on and on for as long as you like until you get to the bottom of this and you actually have an understanding of whatever it is that you’re talking about. So it is far, far different from search. And so talking about businesses.

I think that this has the potential to be a really great business tool for both small and medium and large size businesses, if you know how to use it the right way. And so no one is an expert right now on chat. G p t, it’s too new. but those of us that understand and like playing with stuff like this can figure it out.

And so what I’m gonna start doing, Is go on a journey and then share that journey with you, my listeners, my viewers, on how we can start using chat g p t for small business. Cuz I don’t think this is going away. They’re constantly updating it. It’s an incredible tool to use and I think it could be a really great resource.

just like I thought Google search was in the very beginning and now fast forward and nobody can live without Google search. So. .. As I start diving into these topics, I’m going to share my findings on the podcast as well as on the Marketing Mastermind’s YouTube channel. Cause there’s definitely gonna have to be some, here’s how you do this and here’s how you do that type of thing.

and one of the first ones I think I’m going to explore. , because I see a lot of information out there about it right now, is having it write blog articles for you? Sounds pretty simple, but it’s not right. I did some preliminary testing and it did okay with the writing. Everything of sounded okay, but what I’m seeing in the industry is people are worried about originality and plagiarism, that the content is not completely.

and so that’s what I’m gonna explore first and go through. And the reason why I’m starting with that is because if you remember in the January marketing update, I talked about what Google was doing to combat some of this. Scraping of content, the non-original content, basically using tools like chat, G p T, not it itself, but there’s other tools out there that are AI writing tools, that you can use.

Feb Podcast Episode: And they’re gonna start, really coming down on sites that are using this type of content regularly by not making it searchable and then, Either d indexing or pushing the site down in search because it finds this. And Google said they have the technology to know that this software is there, and I know they do because that technology is available, to the rest of us, to me.

Like I can go and check and see if content has been plagiarized, how original it is, today, just, with a web search. So,stay tuned for more content about chat. And so the next thing I wanna talk to you about is one of my favorite tools, if you listen to any of the podcasts is Canva, right?

It is a great small business marketing tool. You can use it for all sorts of content creation. and now what they’ve done is they’ve added what they call the magic tool, right? And they do magic writing, and it is a similar. to where you can give it some, context and it’s gonna write some copy for you.

So what I think it’s really good for right now at this moment are headlines for email, social media, digital ads, and then copy for ads, social posts. maybe some parts of the article because of what I just mentioned. And of course, video outlines or podcast outlines. So if you’re doing any type of creation, starting with a blank sheet of paper.

Is extraordinarily hard, right? Unless you’ve got it half in your head and you’re, it’s trying to find its way out of your fingers, you might need a little help. And these type of tools are helpful. Now, I would say that, in my initial discoveries is that magic tool isn’t quite as good as a chat g p t, only because magic tool, I believe, is using the API version of chat, G P T, which is a couple versions or maybe more than a couple versions behind the, Browser based version of chat, g p t.

Cuz like I said, they’re updating that constantly and the API is always a little bit behind it. So I do expect the magic tool to get better. And if you feel more comfortable working inside of a tool you already know, like Canva, then I would start with that before you go and play around with chat c p t cuz you kind of already have it, you just open a document, click that plus button, select magic right?

it’s gonna give you all the prompts of how to use it a little bit, and then it puts the copy there, and then if it’s something you want to use, it’s very easy to pull that into a design. So if you’re trying to crum up with a headline for a social post that you wanna put on top of an image to make a meme, you can do that very easily.

Okay, so for the last part, let’s switch some gears and go back to old-fashioned, social media and email subscriptions. I just recently released a new video on the Marketing Mastermind’s YouTube channel called How to Use Social Media to Get More Email Subscribers. And this video has quickly become a fan favorite to those that are subscribed to the newsletters, subscribed to the channel, and so I thought I would mention it.

in the podcast, because what I start out by talking about is helping you understand why you want anybody that’s following you intently on social media. You wanna have that conversation with them in your email or someplace else, right? Not just in social media. And I go over why, and then I walk you through all the things that you need in order to make this happen.

Landing pages, videos, why images, why not images? And then I walk you through what it looks like on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and then I show you what it looks like on Facebook too. so definitely go check that out if you. Are using social media, but you’re thinking about email or you’re using email and you wanna get more subscribers.

Feb Podcast Episode: It’s a good way to pull people in, to consume your content, for sure. Okay, so that is it for February. if you haven’t already, please go sign up for the Marketing Masterminds newsletter. I think you will like it a lot. . Each newsletter that goes out has a theme. I’ll pick a topic and then there will be a video about that topic.

Typically, a video is kind of what drives what the subject is of what it goes out, but then I pair it with articles and podcast episodes to give you a more well-rounded understanding, whatever that topic is. So it’s not just one piece of content, it’s usually, two to three to help you with that, you know? so there’s a QR code on the page for those that are listening. if you are only listening, go check out the, show notes on That’s I N K Y M cuz I always put a link to it in there, sign up and then we’ll push all of that to your inbox, so that you can learn more about all.

great stuff happening out there in marketing. And then of course, like I said earlier, following my journey with, the chat g p t Discovery. So thank you so much for watching, for listening, for participating, and I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing February. Bye.

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