Video Is Where Social Media Is Going: Making Videos On Canva

Video Is Where Social Media Is Going

The landscape of social media has changed drastically in the last two years. So much so that we have seen tactics that worked great a few years ago suddenly no longer be effective today in 2022. Many factors have played into why this is happening which I discuss in today’s podcast.

More importantly, I give you my thoughts and views on where social media is going in 2023 and beyond. Spoiler alert: Its Video has both short and long content formats. Specifically on Youtube but just like with all marketing tactics you have to go where the customers are. Listen to the episode where I give you a great way how to create a video easily and what to do if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Video Is Where Social Media Is Going

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What we discussed:

  • Knowing your demographic
  • What tools to use to create a video
  • Platforms you can use to create video

Video Is Where Social Media Is Going: Making Videos On Canva Transcript

*Not ready to give this episode a listen or watch just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

Social media is becoming the wild west again in 2023, and I’m glad I was dis enamored with, its especially at the end of 2021 and I didn’t see anything useful coming from it again after that. But I’m seeing light at the end of the social media tunnel. right now. So today I’m gonna share with you how I’m perceiving the landscape, where I think it’s going and how you can take advantage of changes that are coming.

shout out to Jeff. Thanks for inspiring this episode. Based on a conversation that we had. . so before we get into this little bit of housekeeping stuff, I may be recommending products, or. talk about podcasts that I’ve had or articles that support what we’re talking about today.

All of that’s gonna be in the show notes for the episode on the website on in, including a rough transcript. when I do recommend products, sometimes we are affiliate partners with these companies because we use these products. I never recommend anything. I don’t use or want to use or, am thinking about using.

but it’s usually, mostly stuff that we use day to day for our clients. So clicking through those links helps us a lot, to keep creating this free content for you. Okay. Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s talk about social media. So if you’ve listened to past episodes about. Social media, when I mention it, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of it as your primary marketing, vehicle for a small business.

you have to do a lot of posting just to move the needle a couple of inches, right? So you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck with those. And so then, the landscape of social media started to change drastically, in 2020. . it’s like from night and day, what we used to do for years, just stopped working.

And so here’s some key factors around why that’s happened, at least why I think it’s happened. . So Facebook, the platform,fell off a cliff. They went from having a total stock value of like a trillion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2021 to lose about two thirds of that value in the fourth quarter of.

2022. and now as of this recording, the last I’ve heard, they’re either doing layoffs or they’re about to do layoffs, which they’ve never done in the history of Facebook for however long it’s been around. So why is this happening now? I think there’s a lot of reasons. out there there’s a lot of different speculation, but here’s what I think it is From my personal experience using the platform for both personal and business, they treat legitimate users like garbage.

like they’re not worthy of their time or their effort. and especially those who are trying to run a business. you go way back like 5, 6, 7 years and they were really trying to cater. small business owners, help them out, give them features, all that good stuff. Everybody loved it. We were all like, yeah, Facebook’s it.

people liked it just to use businesses like it. And then that changed. they started closing accounts without any recourse. to reopen them is, was one of the biggest issues that I saw. and in fact, it actually happened to me. if you listen to my episode on, Facebook disabled me it happened to me in December of 2021 and I actually didn’t get access back to my account, meaning to be able to use it for business as well as personal until May or June.

and I’m a marketing partner, like I am a registered marketing partner with Facebook. I have, the. access so that if I need special help, I actually have support. And it took hours and hours of being on the phone with these folks after I got access back, even just to get things fixed. And actually as of this recording, it’s still not completely fixed and Right.

so I think there’s infrastructure issues there too. . So the only thing that I think people are using Facebook for now is, specific groups for interests, hobbies, and the marketplace buying and selling. I actually see the marketplace go in the way of Craigslist at some point in the near future because of scams.

And the track record at Meta is. have a really good process to differentiate between legitimate users and scammers, and so they’re gonna throw the baby out with the bath water when that whole thing gets,really out of control, which I think it’s going to. And then there’s Twitter, Elon Musk bought it in, 2022.

And a lot of us in this arena are just sitting around waiting to see what’s gonna happen because it’s of just all over the place. It’s fun to watch. But again, I’m not quite sure if it’s gonna be a usable platform for businesses again, whether that be organic or for, digital advertis. . And so then we turn to, TikTok, which has made short videos, content really front and center, like it just took off.

People like it, you go down the rabbit hole, so much so that YouTube has created their shorts platform, which is similar to TikTok. TikTok ERs are using. and I think YouTube is really gonna double down on shorts in because of the success that they’ve seen with the platform in beta in 2022. so with my crystal ball firmly in place, I’m going with video for the win in 2023 and beyond.

I remember doing a, lecture on, trending, I think it was back in. 20. Actually, no, it wasn’t 2020, it was like 2018 where I was like, video’s coming. Everybody’s saying it’s coming. And I kind of got these looks like, nah, well it’s here. And I think it’s gonna be here to stay. And I think one of the reasons why we as, Content creators love video so much is because it is highly consumable over long amounts of time for the people that wanna consume it.

Most of us would rather watch a video than read an article, and it’s because of the, audio and the motion put together, which then creates this really sticky retention quality, which is very great for businesses , it’s video, but then video where, where do I put my video? And all of that goes back to the type of business you are and where your clients spend their time.

most people are on YouTube these days. they’ve got the biggest share of the market, whether you’re looking for how-to video, you’re looking at cat videos, it doesn’t matter. so you probably wanna always throw YouTube into the mix as of right now. Focus on long content and short content. and then you can just share it across other platforms where you know that your audience is.

is your audience on TikTok? Yes or no? Is it on Instagram? I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to, post out to. Facebook stories. I dunno how useful that would be. but if you feel like that’s where your audience is or you have a group on Facebook that you are, nurturing, then I would post it there.

So what this really means is make sure you know your demographics. We’re going back to kind of some marketing 1 0 1. know who your client is, where they hang out, what they like to do. cuz if your community isn’t on a specific channel, Posting there isn’t gonna help you. no matter how popular, what you’re creating is, you’re just not gonna convert, people into leads, into customers.

And that’s really what social media marketing is about, is to generate that awareness about your business, that sticky quality of, oh yeah, this is a business I might be interested in. Let me go check them out. And then ultimately, they either get on a list or they buy something. . I heard the groans when I was talking.

Oh, video, right? Video. from a production, process in the past has always been a very scary thing. Like editing videos, we just got used to editing images and overlaying them with, copy and other things. but like with the, photography and the still work and the overlay, which went from hard to easy.

Video creation has as well. It’s not as hard and daunting as it used to be. you don’t need big, fancy cameras, equipment, and you don’t need this very highly detailed, hard to learn how to use editing software. Honestly, all you probably need is a smart. Which you probably have in your pocket already. And Canva.

 smartphone cameras are great, especially the iPhone. I don’t have any experience with any other platform. I’ve been an iPhone user since I moved to smartphone years and years and years ago. but the quality of the cameras have gotten better and better. This is coming from someone who, used to photo.

Professionally with a cannon, and now the cannon has been tucked away in a drawer forever because I’m like, my phone’s right here. I like the quality, I like the size. It’s really good. So,video quality is just as good as the, still image quality. so much. So it’s actually getting pretty good and low lighting, which always used to be the biggest issue.

so don’t feel like you have to buy a camera if you wanna start shooting video. also the other thing that works really well is if you have an external video conferencing, camera for your desktop. So if you’re doing a lot of Zoom video conferencing for your business, You could use that, especially if it’s external.

Usually the ones built into the laptop aren’t so great, or to the computer. But like LG Logi series, they’re really, really great. They were, originally designed for gamers, so that they could stream their games and show you, themselves while they’re playing their game. And they’re pretty much under a hundred bucks, typical.

and even that is not necessary having your smartphone or having a video conferencing camera cuz you actually don’t have to create video footage if you don’t want to. and this is where the magic of Canva comes in. So Canva is not only the editing software that you can. To create video in any size. it also has a very large, unlimited usage, stock library for video and still photography.

You have to get the pro account, but the pro account is anywhere from $13 per month to $15 per month. Whereas if you have subscribed to a stock library in the past, they start out at a hundred bucks a month and it goes up from there. So you get the editings. Software along with all the stock footage that you could ever want, which is probably the same footage that you’re paying a hundred bucks a month for.

That’s what I found is like I would compare them side by side cuz I had multiple accounts open and yeah, it’s the same footage in one that’s in the other. so go with Canva with Canva, you can create those short format videos, the long format videos, without being on camera. these types of videos actually do really well on both YouTube and YouTube shorts.

And even on TikTok, I’ve seen them, they have a lot of views, they have a lot of followers, so you could use stock video with voiceover or you could actually just have text overlaying it with the message that you’re trying to send. . And then Canva actually has pre-built templates for the different size videos for the different platforms out there.

So for YouTube it has the standard, nine by 16 ratio format, and then for short’s in tos, it’s 16 by nine and they have them all there. You just search for it. You can put TikTok video template, boom, it comes up. And then you can do the same thing for Instagram reels. and. You know, if you want normal, formatted, YouTube videos. Canva also has a feature where you can, if you edit a video and you’ve got it where you want it in one format size, you can turn on the multis size feature and then adjust it for all the different sizes, all in one place. So you can have it set up in all different types of formats, which I think is pretty.

So let’s say you do wanna shoot a little video, but then you need some stock footage or additional, still images. You can blend all of that together inside of a Canva. You can upload your footage, and then blend it in with, stock footage and videos, and you can still be on screen if you want to.

you can actually even record your video inside of Canva. It’s. I think it’s limited, right? but again, it’s probably good for 99% of the people out there, especially if you’re just starting out. So you can record you, you can record your screen, or you can record both at the same time and do that whole picture and picture thing.

and then if you’re gonna be posting to standard YouTube, Canva actually has templates for your YouTube thumbnails, which are pretty good. So you can get, a series of those going and then of course, can. Originally started out with doing, print and digital marketing material.

So you can still do all of that if you need to create still photography, images, if you need posters, if you need postcards, all of that’s in there. So not too bad of an ROI for $13 a month and all of it’s unlimited. As long as you’re paying your subscription, you have access to all of it, and so much more.

So I did a. A video on, Canva and a couple of the features as well as I did a whole podcast episode talking about all the things that I like about Canva. so definitely those will be in the show notes. Go check them out. So hopefully I’ve picked your interest on where social media is going.

so let’s talk about what you need to do next. If you wanna get in and ride this wave, to see if it’s something you wanna do for your. So if you love the idea of video, but you don’t want to do it yourself, , you’re in luck, right? Maybe you’re like, yeah, I wanna do all this, but I have no idea how to do it.

Don’t wanna learn how to use it. Don’t wanna be on the camera, don’t wanna shoot footage. You’re in luck, because this is actually one of the things that we do here at In Kama. We can actually help you with video creation for social media posting. we’ll talk to you about your goals, the type of videos that you think you wanna create a plan, and then make it happen so that you’re consistently putting content out.

every. and just like in, years past as now, regardless of the platform, consistency is still king, right? If you’re gonna be posting to any platform, you have to do it consistently over time for a long amount of time to start, seeing traction and reaping the rewards of it. if you need to DIY or if you’re very interested in doing it yourself, like you’re like, I wanna learn all of this.

Start with figuring out the type of videos you want to create. in the show notes, I wrote an article from Marketing Masterminds with examples of all different types of videos that you can make for, small businesses. So go check that out, get a little bit of inspiration, and then just kind of get an idea of what you wanna create so that you have kind of a framework to work. and it’s gonna make it much easier when you actually get to creating footage and into Canva. And then I would start playing with Canva on video creation. Like,do you wanna record in Canva? Do you wanna just pull video in? If you’re not recording video, but you’re gonna use stock, know what platforms you’re gonna be on so that you can, decide what templates you’re going to use.

That’s where you’re gonna play around with. . And then, so here’s a little secret bonus tip that I have for you that I didn’t mention before. so if you’re using social pilot, which I’ve talked about before, to schedule your social media, there’s an integration between Canva and social pilot. So once your videos are all set and ready to go, you can actually pull them directly into social pilot, and then push them out to the different platforms that you have.

It is a time saver, especially with video, because to download the video from Canva and then upload it to social pilot will take a lot longer than a couple of images. And so the direct connection where it just puts it from one platform to the other is huge in my. . Okay, so here are my final thoughts for you on this.

If you’ve decided you are just not into video, you’re like, man, this is a fad. or you just don’t wanna tackle it, right? you’ve got enough other stuff going on. Something new like this, your brain’s just not ready for it. It’s totally okay. You don’t have to create video to have successful marketing campaigns.

You don’t have to be on social to have. Successful business. so if you wanna talk about how to, market your business without social, without video, or any other different way, definitely reach out to me and let’s have a conversation. there are so many more options for you. . So I don’t want you to feel like you can’t grow your business unless you do this.

that’s not the point of this. This is more as if you feel like you need to be on social media. You want to try out some new different things or if you want to kind of up your social media game, or if you feel like it’s been a little lackluster, then that’s when you wanna a look at this.

Also, if you feel like, the barrier you have with video is that you just don’t understand how all of this works and you don’t have the time to figure it out, we can help you with that too. We can do all that heavy lifting for you, including setting up your YouTube channel, making sure all your settings are right, posting, creating content.

yeah. Yeah, we can certainly take that on, on your. So here at incom out, we love to give back to the business community. in addition to this podcast, we have a Marketing Mastermind’s newsletter. So please go sign up for that because I share, our how-to videos, some strategic videos, articles through there. And then I create like a little.

gif basket where if I’m featuring a specific video, then I pull out archived podcasts that support that video so that you really get a full picture of the topic that I’m trying to, share with you. I’ve been creating a lot of content now so I can actually bundle them together in a particular, newsletter.

So definitely go sign up for that. If you wanna have a conversation with me about your marketing, about video, about how you hate video or about. Don’t like social media. you can schedule a 45 minute consultation with me and we can have that conversation. go to the website, That is i nnk y m, and click on the button to schedule a marketing valuation.

And. Pick your day and time and we are together. We also have a contact form. Go fill it out. You can ask me a question. You can, recommend a episode topic. I love those. Anything that you need that you feel like, no, I don’t wanna have a conversation, but I would like to tell you something. I’m ready to hear it.

So hopefully you found this interesting and useful for your business. If you did, please share it with other business owners, right? We are all in this soup together. As small business owners, we’re all wondering how to grow our business. what are the right things to do? Where should we be spending our time?

Where should we be spending our money? And so,share it so that we can all benefit. . thank you so much for listening, and I hope you have a amazing day.

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