Interview with Dr. Erica Abraham Year 2 In Business

Interview with Dr. Erica Abraham

Ever wonder how a business makes it through the first five years when so many close their doors after year one?

This episode is a follow-up interview with Dr. Erica Abraham of Axon health. We interviewed her about their business at the end of year one and we caught up with her again at the end of year two to see what has changed and talk about how things are going.

Dr. Erica Abraham of Axon Health, a mobile chiropractic practice in Colorado Springs. Dr. Erica shares with us their second year in business update.

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What we discussed

  • Networking
  • Refining a marketing strategy
  • Outsourcing

Interview with Dr. Erica Abraham Year 2 In Business Transcript

*Not ready to give this episode a listen or watch just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

Welcome to Marketing Strategies, and today we have a special guest, a repeat guest. But before I get into that, if you’re used to listening to podcast, definitely go check us out on YouTube because. We’re actually on screen today too. so you can listen and watch and follow along. so my guest today is Dr.

Erica Abraham of Axon Health, and if you have been listening for, Time you’ll know that we talked in episode 23 in August of 2021, so it’s a little over a year now. And so I thought it would be really cool to have her come back on, cuz she’s a new business owner. And we talked at the end of year one, and now it’s the end of year two.

[00:00:45] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: And I wanted to check in, see how things are going, I know how things are going, but I’m not gonna spoil it for everybody. thanks so much for coming on Dr. Erica.

[00:00:55] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be.

[00:00:58] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah, the podcast has grown. You have grown. It’s kinda like we’re growing up together, so it’s kind of cool. So before we dive into the, this is what you were doing then, and this is what you’re gonna do now, or thinking about or what happened along the way, tell everybody again a little bit about, your business, what you guys do, all that good stuff.

[00:01:20] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: So my husband and I are both chiropractors. We own Axon Health out of Colorado Springs. It’s a mobile, while it was just a mobile chiropractic business, and it has since expanded. so we’ll get into that I’m sure. But, we’re mobile chiropractors here in the springs. We started in September, 2020, so right in the middle of the pandemic.

and yeah, we were on, I was on here just before our one year anniversary and now we just surpassed two years. So it’s been lots of fun, the last two years.

[00:01:50] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah. And it’s been really fun to watch you grow. So I am also a customer or a patient of, Dr. Erica and Dr. Nick. so it is, it’s been very rewarding for me to kind of watch you guys over the last. Year and talk about things and everything. and so for those that are listening all over the country, when we say we’re in the springs, we’re in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

just to give a frame of reference, so I wrote down a list of the stuff we talked about. A year ago and I wanna go through it again a little bit and see what’s changed. So the first thing on my list is that, we met through B and i we’re both B and i members long time listers know that I think B and I is really cool.

[00:02:27] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: So tell me what has changed, with b and i for you.

[00:02:31] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: So I, I think when we last spoke, I had just recently switched to a different BNI group. So I’m in a different BNI group, but BNI in general is still very helpful. it’s still one of the biggest ways that we get business for ourselves. so I still highly recommend it pretty much for any business At any point that you’re in, if you are looking.

Referrals in some shape or form. it’s still a really great way to get business, for, I mean, honestly for anybody. And I don’t see our business backing out of BNI anytime soon or if ever . So I do think that it’s very, very, very helpful for businesses, especially if you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck when you’re first starting out.

With regards to marketing dollars, the biggest bang for your buck I have been able to find has been b and. for sure.

[00:03:24] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Absolutely. And I always recommend to a lot of new businesses, network, But if you wanna seriously network and get business, you join a bni cuz the others are great. They’re nice, they’re fun, you get to meet other people. But it’s one of the few. Organizations that, we actively go and look for business for each other, which I think is pretty cool.

and I’m in a new chapter too,moving around and BNI is par for the course. you just gotta find what, what fits for you. Now you are in a chapter and then Nick is in another chapter, right? So talk about that a little.

[00:03:55] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: I mean it’s great because we. We get, access to other people’s circles and spheres and stuff and networks. so I do think that it’s a great strategy. If he gets a referral, then typically they’ll go straight to him. if I get a referral, they typically go straight to me. Unless they request female or male, then we can at least, they can come see me or they can go see him.

 But yeah, being in different BNI groups has been really helpful for expanding our network even more, and building up each of our own clientele.

I recommend it if you’re able to do it, and you can be in multiple BNI groups. I think it’s a great idea.

[00:04:30] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: I think so too. Now you each have different specialties. we covered this before, but I just kind of wanna round back to that. So let’s say someone, Nick gets a referral, but it’s really a neurological thing.

[00:04:41] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Right,

[00:04:42] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: He’s gonna pass it over to you, but it still stays inside the family.

[00:04:46] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: so he can, I actually have not been practicing. I spoke to you, not as much anyways, I was at the beginning, but then we had a friend move to town who owns a clinic, and he specializes in that, and he does it much more frequently than I do. So if there’s typically a case like that, I actually refer out to him, which is nice because again, with givers gain mentality, if we’re talking about bni, There is that reciprocal relationship between us.

So if somebody’s looking for a chiropractor for spine rehab and that kind of stuff, he sends it to us and there’s a nice relationship there. So I’m actually not doing it quite as much. If it’s basic stuff, I can do it, but if somebody needs a little bit more intervention, then I usually send it to him.

yeah, that is an update I suppose.

[00:05:29] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: See it is an update, And that’s part of that growing and shifting change, at least in it’s more rapid in the first five years of a business cuz you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna do this, but then I met this person and then it’s a better quality of care for your patient. So you decide to make a change on how you’re doing things, which I think is incredible.

you gotta be really flexible those first five years cuz it’s you’re bobbing, weaving everywhere.

[00:05:53] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: and, and that kind of rehab is a little bit more time intensive. And so I’m already restricted on time just because I have to drive everywhere. So from a time perspective, it was more feasible to also send them to him. so yeah, again, you gotta be adaptable in those first few years trying to figure out where you want to spend your time and your money and what works best for you.

So it is a learning process.

[00:06:18] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Okay. So moving on. let’s talk about where you are today, thought process wise, how it’s going with, social media. Cause I know that was another, big outreach for you.

. So social media wise,I discovered, I don’t know, I don’t remember when I discovered Canva, but I discovered Canva. And Canva has been incredible . so highly recommend looking into Canva. If you’re looking for, 

[00:06:39] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Couldn’t be the Inma Marketing Podcast, Canva episode, but you know, 

[00:06:45] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Canva has been super helpful. Especially, I don’t, I learned in high school how to use things like Adobe programs and everything, but Canva makes things so much easier cuz I can just do it on my phone. so Cam has been great, but then we also, we had professional photos done, so our Instagram and our social media in general just looks more professional.

Actually next week we are. I don’t know if people in Colorado Springs know this, but you can rent out a studio in the library, for free. And you can rent out professional equipment for free as long as you have a library card. So actually next week we’re going to the library. We’re renting out the studio and we’re gonna be working on redoing and refreshing some of our YouTube videos and all that kind of stuff.

So social media, refining it, making sure it looks professional. That has definitely happened in the last year, It just comes with time. We’re no longer taking pictures with our, Well, I mean, we do sometimes take pictures with our iPhones, but sometimes the quality on those is not the greatest. So getting professional photos done was awesome.

[00:07:44] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: And now we have a whole bank of photos that we can pull from and post for content. Awesome. I love that you’re, upping your video game because everything I’m seeing is that everything is going towards video and Google with YouTube is making. A huge push to compete with TikTok, with shorts, with video, you’ve seen your feeds changing. make sure they’ve probably sent you an email saying they’re assigning you a handle.

Grab that as soon as it gets put in there,

[00:08:13] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Okay, good to know.

[00:08:15] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: because what that does is it gives you a, named

[00:08:18] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: On.

[00:08:19] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: and YouTube.

[00:08:21] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Okay,

[00:08:21] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah, So it’ll be 

[00:08:25] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Okay, So it’s not this long URL that nobody,

[00:08:28] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: the alphabet soup. You get to get rid of that. So brands you and then it allows people to have conversations with you because they can say, Hey, at Axon Health, what about this?

And then you can have, they’re trying to create a little community in there. So big things happening in the world of YouTube over the next six months, which is pretty exciting. So grab your handle as soon as they give it to you. Should be in the next week or two.

[00:08:49] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Awesome.

[00:08:50] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: I love that. I love that you’re upping that.

cuz I think your videos are great. oh, the other thing they’re doing, sorry, I’m getting off on a tangent, is they’re doing, health certifications.

[00:08:59] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Okay.

[00:09:00] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: So look for that and check it out you can get certified as a health professional, which gives you a designation on YouTube.

So you’re not like just me going, Hey, this exercise is great. and I’m a marketing professional, not a healthcare professional. so yeah, you guys will definitely wanna do that.

[00:09:15] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Good to.

[00:09:15] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah. always looking at that stuff. so now let’s move on and talk about your articles, your newsletters, cuz you were, those were kinda like really, ramping up when we, got to that year one mark.

So I would say we’ve been working on just the habit of email marketing lately. We’ve been working on trying to make sure that is staying consistent. I’m planning them out instead of just that day that I’m like, Oh my gosh, we need to send this out. Let’s just send anything out. So I’m planning them out.

[00:09:42] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: last I spoke to you, obviously it was not in this format, but I was discussing how in 2023, we want to really hone in on. How we’re marketing outside of things like BNI and word of mouth. so that will include drip email campaigns and, sales funnels and all those sorts of things. So that’s coming in 2023.

I’ve just recently started diving into all of the information from people like Russell Brunson. so working on that. . yeah, so it’s coming along. It’s just slow , but we’re getting there and I’m starting to finally find resources. And in your podcast too, I had texted you after I listened to your drip email campaign, podcast, and I took notes and I was like, Okay, we gotta do this.

And so part of it is part of what we’re doing on the, our social media day that we’re renting out and in the library, will be content for those drip campaigns.

[00:10:38] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Awesome. I think that’s great. It really is. And what’s great about how all of this works together is, Someone may see you online, they may get your email, Someone may forward it to them. That happens quite a bit within the BNI network. I ask people to forward a lot of my emails.

Then they see your logo, they see the video, and then someone writes the referral and boom. It’s like this instant, Oh, I know who you are. And then you, then it makes it easier to book the appointment, get the sale, do the things. so it all works together. So I’m really glad to see that you’re, you’re ramping that up because you know that they’re like, Oh, not right now, they can get into the drip.

And, six months from now they’re like, they’re ready. So that’s pretty cool.

So we had a conversation about outsourcing. where are you at with that? Are you guys like still doing everything your.

[00:11:25] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: My gosh, no, thank God. I think it was the end of May, early June, we hired an assistant. so she’s virtual, so she does a lot of the scheduling. She does all of our billing. she has taken a lot of the things that. I just really was struggling to find time for it, but we’re obviously still important to the functioning of the business.

she’s answering the phone, all of the phone calls get forwarded to her phone. so it’s been very helpful to get some of my time back. And it’s crazy because once we hired her, It took about two or three weeks for my brain to catch up with how exhausted I was and how exhausted I had been since we started the business

[00:12:05] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: And so I remember I was actually sitting, ironically, in a BNI meeting. I’m sitting there listening to everybody talk, but I have no idea what they’re saying. I cannot concentrate on anything, and so I’m just like staring at them trying to figure out the words that are coming out of their mouth, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I am so burnt out.

So I’m sitting in my BNI meeting, texting her, saying, I need you to find five days in a row on my calendar if you have to move people around. I really don’t care. Just find five days because I need to sleep or just rest. I was so busy that I didn’t even realize how burnt out I was. I was just constantly doing things like didn’t have time for burnout.

And then we hired her. I had some mental space, and it took a couple weeks to realize just how. Bad it had gotten. so we’re very grateful for her and the fact that we are outsourcing some of our stuff now, because I don’t think that I would be, the business wouldn’t be where it is right now, at least with my schedule and the number of patients that I’m seeing.

It wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren’t for her. So very, very grateful to be outsourcing.

[00:13:10] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah, and that’s why it’s so important. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should just for that fact, Even realize that you’re burning out. And I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of businesses fail in that very first year or right afterwards. It’s not sustainable, like moving at that pace.

you can’t do it indefinitely. you need help, you need downtime. I get it. Some people are like, I work 80 hour weeks. I’m like, No, actually you probably don’t. You

I still say I work probably 60 to 80 hours a week. I just do it differently and it’s stuff that I don’t find as draining. I really enjoy the creativity side of the marketing and all of that kind of stuff, So I’m still doing that. . but the billing, the answering the phone, the scheduling, remembering to call people back.

I was so burnt out that half the time I would forget. And then they, they had gone and phone another chiropractor, . so all of those little things that were take, they weren’t taking up a ton of time. Like she’s virtual. She works maybe five hours a week, but it’s stuff that.

[00:14:07] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: It’s freeing up my mind. It’s freeing up even that five hours, that’s five hours that I can be treating patients and actually making money. I still work a lot. I still work more than the regular 40 hour work week, but it’s not as draining.

[00:14:20] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah. and the thing I wanna emphasize there is like when you start outsourcing, you don’t have to bring in people full time and have an office for them. there are ways to do it where you get to grow into the outsource, and I think that’s a really important point. I think a lot of people think Oh, if I hire this person, I gotta find 40 hours worth of work.

Not in this day and age, people are more than happy to do a little bit of work for you, a little bit of work for someone else,and cobble all of that together with those virtual part-time services, which I think is important for people to understand. It’s you don’t need 40 hours in order to outsource something.

[00:14:54] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: And for her,her husband works outta state. and as we were bringing her on, that’s when he was starting to work out of state and they weren’t sure if she was gonna be able to stay. They’ve got two young kids. if they were gonna have to move their whole lives, out. There with him or if they could stay, and I didn’t know this when we were hiring her, but she said, even just with the little bit of the additional income from the small amount of work that she’s doing for us, they didn’t have to move.

They were able to stay here. Her kids were able to stay at the schools, that they were going to stay around their friends, and they didn’t have to uproot with their lives. And it’s not that it’s taking a bunch of money again in those five hours, I can make more than I need to to pay her for the week. So it’s scary because you’re like, I have to take money out of what I’m paying myself to pay this person. And it’s you could also take that time that you’re not getting paid any money and actually go and make money

[00:15:45] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Right.

[00:15:46] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: trade off there. but it’s benefiting her and her family as well, It was a very nice symbiotic relationship, and that 

only about five hours a week for her.

So between having kids and her husband being outta state, not being able to help with them and it’s helped her a lot so. 

[00:16:02] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: that’s great. Yeah. And that’s the upside of being a business owner. You’re not just affecting your customer’s lives, but the people that work for you and work with you, you’re helping better their lives too, which I think is, that’s just awesome. So let’s kinda expand that a little bit.

There’s that outsourcing and then there’s expansion, right? We talked about, what Axon meant and why it’s not just chiropractic. So tell us where that journey has gone.

[00:16:29] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: So in the, at the beginning of September, we brought on a mobile massage therapist. So the goal has been to be a mobile multidisciplinary practice. And so we, at the end of last year, pulled our patients and asked them, if we were to bring on another provider, what type of provider would you want? And 80% of people said a mobile massage therapist.

So we started the process of who do we wanna hire? What are we looking for? All that kind of stuff. We started that earlier this year. and then, Her name is Maria, brought Maria on, at the beginning of September. she is new to the business. This is, we’re November 1st now, so she’s been with us for two whole months.

 and she’s slowly starting to build up her momentum and grow. And so it’s been awesome starting to bring on different providers. We’re hoping that in the new year we can bring on some mobile IV therapy. so yeah, we’re trying to expand beyond just the chiropractic sphere into other areas.

[00:17:32] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: That’s cool. Maria’s awesome by. That reminds me, I’ve gotta schedule another, massage, um, .So thanks for reminding

[00:17:38] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: You’re 

[00:17:39] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Um, yeah, I remember when we first talked about it, you were like, Oh, we have all these plans. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that. And I think you’ve done it relatively quickly, actually.

from a year of when we talked about it, it was forming in your head to pretty much a year later, you’ve got your first, expansion. it’s pretty impressive. It really.

[00:17:57] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Yeah. we did hire a business coach and I think if we hadn’t have hired her, we would still be in the phase of talking about bringing on a mobile massage therapist. we were afraid to take that leap. I think mostly because we didn’t really know what we were doing with regards to the hiring process.

we had hired the assistant, but this was like a whole other provider 

[00:18:17] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah, this is people in front of your

[00:18:19] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: home. Yeah, exactly. 

[00:18:21] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: I know 

[00:18:22] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: know what we were doing, , so we were grateful because she was able to guide us through that process of how to interview somebody and what we need to put in our ad for the job.

 she was very helpful and I’m very grateful for that because it held us accountable to actually pursuing that.

[00:18:41] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: are amazing.

Yeah, she was really great. Shout out to Kelly. I can bury if anybody here in Colorado Springs is looking for a business coach, . so yeah, it has happened very quickly I thought. So when I made our one year anniversary post on Instagram, or sorry, two year anniversary post on Instagram, I said, Oh, in the last six months we’ve doubled our team by adding the assistant, the massage therapist.

[00:19:02] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: And then after I made that post, I went back, I was like, Wait a second. I think it’s been even shorter than that. I think it’s been like four months since we did that. so yeah, we, we’ve expanded a decent amount. Our team in the last, not even six months, I guess six months.

[00:19:16] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Well, you know, it goes from ideation to actual, boots on the ground. So in your mind it’s probably six months, but to everybody else, it’s been a couple of months. but it’s all positive change and I think a lot of that is probably due to the coach. You’re like, Oh, I’ve got someone telling me that.

Here’s how we do it. And sometimes that’s all you need is

someone just to say, No, it’s not a, a crazy idea. , 

[00:19:36] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Yeah. So if I’m spending the money on it, it better be worth it, if I’m gonna. Be paying somebody to guide me through these things, I better do it because otherwise I’m just, I might as well flush money down the

[00:19:45] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Exactly. and that’s part of the motivator too, as an entrepreneur, you’re like, Okay, I’m spending this, I gotta make it back, so I’m gonna do the things

[00:19:52] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Yep, exactly.

[00:19:54] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Now one of the things we had talked about then, and I kind of know the journey of this, but I, it’s not all, roses and new people and happy things.

there, there’s stuff that happens. You’re like, Dang it, this isn’t working out. So let’s talk about you. You had talked about getting a van so that people could come into the van, get adjusted and go back into their house. How’s that going,

[00:20:16] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: It’s not

[00:20:17] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: I know, that’s okay cuz you’re gonna tell us why.

[00:20:20] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Yeah, so there’s a few reasons. One is when we did start looking, the used car industry, as I’m sure many people are aware, was absolutely insane. and so it was difficult to get a brand new car, and it was, you were paying way more than value for a used car. So I wasn’t about to spend all of this money trying to.

Get a van that was not worth the value that they wanted. so there was that gas prices of skyrocketed . So that’s part of it. but then I was also thinking too, and I don’t even know if we discussed this the last time that we met, but I think if we are to expand to something like having a mobile personal trainer, which is also on our list of things that we wanna add at some point, where there’s a lot of equipment, I think that will be the most important to have some sort of a van or a trailer or something.

but I’ve also been reflecting on. My process of how I treat people in the last year and the value of going into somebody’s home and actually seeing how they live, it’s not something that I realized when we first started the business. How much of value that has, cuz I can see the interaction between people in the homes.

[00:21:34] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: If you come to me in a clinic, I rely on what you’re saying to me to be accurate and true about what’s going on in your house. I can see the tension. I like, I’ve walked into homes where I’m like, You and your husband just fought. I can tell or there’s other stressors in the home. and so, I see that and I feel it, and I can make recommendations for things.

When I see it like that, I can say, you know,I know a great therapist, Maybe you should go talk to them. you also can’t lie to me about the Cheetos that you have on your counter, that you swore you’re never gonna eat again. Or the smoking that you say that you don’t do because it smells like cigarettes in here or something.

so there, there’s another aspect to care that would be. Almost missing if I didn’t go into people’s homes. Not every provider would necessarily need that. but as of right now, I do think that there is value in actually entering somebody’s home, from a care standpoint. So if I were to get the van, then I would be missing out on that.

[00:22:35] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: It would save me time. Because I wouldn’t have to set up in people’s homes. So there is that component that I have to also consider. So the van is not completely off the table yet, but

I’m also not completely sold on the idea, at least for. The chiropractor, it is illegal for, apparently for a massage therapist to actually have a van and do massages out of a van

so she’s not gonna be getting one. but for somebody like a personal trainer, I definitely can see the value in that. so it, I think we have to refine that idea a little bit more before we pursue it and make a financial decision. Might impact us if we’re not using it to the fullest advantage. so it’s still kind of in my mind, but I’m not a hundred percent sold on the idea as of right now.

[00:23:20] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: It would be great for corporate deals though, so if I roll up businesses and stuff, but I don’t think that side of our business has grown enough to warrant it right now. so I don’t know. We’ll see.

[00:23:30] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: Yeah.

Well, and and that’s what I, that’s why I wanted to have the conversation cuz sometimes we think of things. And we’re like, Oh, this is great. But then it’s just not lining up. And then a little time goes by and you’re like, Wait a minute, this isn’t the idea I thought it was, or it’s not the right thing.

And I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger by a van and be, and then realize Oh, maybe this isn’t the direction I wanna go.

So it’s part of that flexibility, which I think is great. We gotta be flexible. And even though we say we’re gonna do something, if it’s not working out, we’ve gotta be able to pivot and go in a different direct.

So tell me what’s in store for 

year three, 

[00:24:06] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: I, I do want to add the mobile IV therapy. if we can add some other type of provider as well, I would really like to do that. I read a book called U Squared that my friend Garrett Goggins, who is a mindset coach here in the Springs as well. he had me read, and it’s a very easy read. I highly recommend it for entrepreneurs as well.

Basically talking about the idea of going. Ready. Fire. Aim like pulling the trigger on something because you’re not gonna know everything that you gotta do for the thing that you’re trying to pull off. So I’m trying to incorporate more of that idea of, starting before you’re ready because being ready is this fallacy that we tell ourselves all the time.

so if we bring on more than the IV therapy next year, I would be absolutely ecstatic if, even if we’re not ready fully in our minds to do it, whether it’s a mobile registered dietician or the mobile personal trainer that I was talking about. Yeah, so we’ll see. But the big goal is sales funnels and all that kind of 

[00:25:03] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: There you go. 

[00:25:04] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: stuff.

[00:25:05] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: And continuing to grow, of course, getting more clients, all that good stuff. Awesome. maybe we’ll have you back in another year and see

[00:25:11] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: Yeah, sounds 

[00:25:12] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: you’re willing, we’ll follow you through your first five year process.

so we’re kinda like almost outta time. I know. it’s it just feels like it flew.

Any additional thoughts you have on anything before we wrap?

No, I’m just excited to see, we’ve done a lot in the last year, even just the last six months. I’m excited to see what happens in the next year with us and. It’s always a learning and growing process. you can’t, you’re not gonna know everything starting out day one or even year one, or even year two.

[00:25:41] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: So it’s a malleable process. and I’m just excited to see where our process goes. So

[00:25:47] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: am too. I can’t wait to see. What happens for you in the next year? Thanks so much for being on Dr. Erica. I

[00:25:52] audioEricaAbraham31011149184: thank you for having me.

[00:25:55] audioAudreyKerchner11011149184: So as usual, if you wanna talk more about your marketing, you can go to, that’s in k Click on the marketing consultation button and schedule 45 minutes. With me where you can talk about whatever you want to with marketing.

Maybe you talk about that YouTube thing. because obviously I am watching it very closely. I can’t wait to see what’s happening there. if you have questions, definitely go down to the contact form, fill it out. I get back to all those emails, and I hope you found this episode inspirational for your business.

If so, please consider sharing it with other business owners that you know, so that we as the small business community can grow and thrive. Thanks so much for listening, for watching, and I hope you have an amazing day. 

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