Monthly Marketing Update Nov 2022

Monthly Marketing Update November 2022

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and changing. What you did 6 months ago will not work exactly the same today because software changes. New tools come onto the market and platforms that you use to generate awareness change as well.

This is why I am dedicating one episode per month to sharing and updating you on the latest marketing news, trends and just interesting things I find in my marketing travels. You can listen to the episode with your favorite podcast platform or you can head over to Youtube and actually watch it (got visuals too!) I hope you enjoy the Monthly Marketing Update November 2022.

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Episode 79-Cross Industry Innovation – A Model For Small Business Innovation

Episode 83 – Recession Proof Your Business – Create A Plan To Thrive

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What We Discussed

  • YouTube Handles
  • Cross Industry Innovation
  • 2022 Christmas Marketing Trends

Monthly Marketing Update – Nov 2022 Transcript

*Not ready to give this episode a listen or watch just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

[00:00:00] E84 Nov monthly marketing update: Welcome to our first monthly marketing update. It’s November of 2022, and this is a new feature that we’re gonna be starting on the podcast where, one episode per month. I’m gonna go over what’s going on with marketing trends, tools, updates, interesting things that I find from a marketing perspective to share with you.

So not only are we providing this in audio format, we’re also going to be doing it, in video format on YouTube. So if you’ve only ever listened to the podcast, definitely for these episodes, go over to YouTube. Put in Inma I N K Y M a and take a look at the video. I’m gonna be sharing screens information.

hopefully I’m gonna evolve it as it, I get used to this format a little bit more, so hopefully this is the first of many to come. So let’s get started with, the first update that I have for you for. . Okay. YouTube is introducing handles. if you have a YouTube channel, you’ve probably gotten an email saying, we’re rolling this out, and we’re gonna, assign you a handle or give you the ability to create your own custom handle very soon.

[00:01:06] E84 Nov monthly marketing update: So what handle is, is it’s very similar to at your name that you’re using on things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all those other places. So what it’s going to allow you to do is let people tag you If they put you in a comment somewhere, or if you’re going to have a conversation, it’s the next step for them in this building, a community around your channel.

And I think the best part of this is that now whether you’re a big channel or a small channel, you’re gonna get a custom url. It’s not just gonna be this alphabet soup. it’s gonna be at your name, your handle, and that’s. The URL that you can actually share with everybody if you want them to watch your videos.

we have some client channels as well as, the marketing mastermind channel actually has a handle now, so the rollout is going, and I have a feeling they’ll be done hopefully before the end of November. They said that once they finish the rollout, they’re gonna tell us what all these new and cool features are, and.

[00:02:07] E84 Nov monthly marketing update: Normally with YouTube, we’re gonna see this evolve over time, so I’m very ex excited to see what’s gonna happen with this. So episode 79, if you didn’t listen to it, I do recommend that you do. I talked about cross-industry innovation for small business owners. This is something that’s done in bigger companies.

Fortune five hundreds. companies that are traded where they look at other industries and they see what they’re doing for their marketing, their product development, and see if it’s something that can be adjusted or shifted, to meet the needs of their business. It’s really a cool process.

so I came across this month or the month of October, Miller Lights Grill Share Program. According to the article that I read, about 30% of people in the United States don’t have grills. wouldn’t it be great, just like you can do ride share and all these other things, is that you can just get a grill for a weekend and, give it back when you’re done.

[00:02:58] E84 Nov monthly marketing update: So it’s actually a renting program. Now, Miller Light is a beer company. They are not a grill company, but. Grilling and drinking beer. Is it’s all kind of part of the same sphere, right? And so they did a little cross industry innovation and said, Hey, let’s rent some grills. because hopefully, I think their thought process is people are gonna rent the grills, they’re gonna have friends over, they’re gonna have a cookout, and of course they’re gonna buy beer and other beverages.

To go, with the event. Now, the smart thing that they did is that this was a popup. It was a one time event. There is no commitment that this is gonna happen next summer, or it’s gonna be longer than a specific weekend. And so it’s them testing this out to see if it’s something that. They wanna do, right?

It may have been huge for them, they may do it again next year, or it could have been a complete flop. They didn’t invest a whole lot of time, money, space. it’s a couple of grills that got,branded to their product. So I think there’s something that we can learn from this. And so the question I want you to ask yourself, What can I rent or share?

And not necessarily in your industry, is there another industry that, you’re kind of like hand shaking with all of the time? Kind of like, you know, the beer and the grilling industry, right? They’re hand shaking all the time. . and then if there is, what can you rent? What can you,partner with in order to create an event like this to make it more memorable?

Because something like this is pretty memorable. It caught my eye when I saw it. I was like, that’s pretty interesting. So again, I’m gonna try to share more cross-industry, innovation examples, but definitely go check out 79 where I talk in detail what. and the type of things that you can do to look at things and see if you can come up with something interesting or different, for your business.

And the last thing that I’m gonna share is,the 2022 Christmas marketing trends or one big trend. So because of inflation and. There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about recession. It’s out there. I did a whole episode on how to recession proof your business. it’s the one that came out right before this one.

 definitely go check that out because I think if we’re prepared for a recession, then our business will,it’ll flow a lot smoother during those times. But let’s talk about Christmas. So because of these economical factors, People are looking for deals, or let me say, more people are going to be looking for deals than they normally do, right?

They still wanna spend, they still wanna give, They just wanna do it a little smarter because they know that there could be things looming next year and they gotta save and pull some things back. because that pool of people that want deals is larger than normal, you wanna take advantage of that. And it’s not just for e-commerce retailers, brick and mortar retail.

Companies. There are service industries that see a huge spike in business around the Christmas holiday season. dog care, grooming, kennels, they see a huge spike because people are traveling. and then cleaning services also see a big spike in here. Hairdressers, hair salons, makeup, anybody in that beauty area, people are going to parties.

And if you’re not e-commerce, That doesn’t mean that you’re not, able to do more during the Christmas season or make more money. So this is for you too, right? Don’t tune out, don’t, say, Okay, this is done. Listen to this cuz there are ways that you can do this as well. So starting sooner is the number one thing that I have to take advantage of what’s going on.

And that means starting before Thanksgiving. I know I’m with you. I’m not a big fan of holiday stuff before than. But. If people are out there and they’re looking, and you as a business need to make sure that you’re there with them saying, Here’s my promotions, here’s my deals, then you should suck it up and, and get out there.

And you can have fun with it, right? You can have a pre, pre, pre-Christmas or before Thanksgiving sale. To start your promotion. So maybe you’ve created all your promotions already. Hopefully you have, and you just gotta maybe change a little bit of language and, put your digital advertising, your email, your social posts, anything that you have.

And then, that way you are out there when everyone else is not. So the pool of offers is smaller and they’re gonna take advantage of what they can. If you don’t normally participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Shop Small, I highly encourage you to do that this year. Whether you’re e-commerce or you’re a service company surrounding the industry, these are.

national, well known campaigns, trends, Black Friday is a thing, it’s been a thing forever. You need to kind of roll along the back of that tide, right? There’s all this stuff out there, Amazon, Walmart, everybody is saying Black Friday, this Black Friday, that the really big companies. So if you put yourself out there, people are gonna know, Oh yeah, it’s Black Friday sale.

I know what that is. You don’t have to take the time to explain what it is, and people are already train. To shop on those days, that Black Friday, that Cyber Monday, and that shop small Saturday, right? I think it’s a whole weekend that people are just trained to go and shop. They make it an event. So take advantage of that.

Participate, right? Have a Black Friday sale, have a Cyber Monday sale. Have a shop small sale. And again, if you’re that service based business and people really aren’t gonna be getting your services until they get closer to the Christmas holiday day, sell gift certificates ahead of time. give them an incentive to schedule appointments early.

Schedule your holiday makeup makeover now. book the day and get 5% off. That way you have your calendar full. Everybody is there and you know what’s going on. Okay, so that is it for November Marketing News. hopefully you found it interesting and helpful. there’s so many ways to reach out and talk to us and, get help for your marketing.

One is to sign up for the Marketing Masterminds newsletter. We’re doing a lot of video. Articles, and then the newsletter shares all of that. And what I started doing is if I put a video out, I go back to the archives of, marketing strategies and then, pair it up with, Podcast episodes that support the concept around it.

So you’re getting, almost like a little library of what to do with this, and here’s how we talked about it with that. So it’s, pretty cool. I like the way that format’s coming out, definitely, sign up. if you want to have a free 45 minute consultation, I am there for you.

Maybe we gotta talk about these trends a little bit more for the holidays so that you’re prepared. If you go to, i k, click on the free consultation button, marketing consultation button. Pick your time and we are on the calendar to talk about whatever you need to for marketing.

Maybe you got a quick question or you’ve got a suggestion for a show, or you’re like, Hey, talk about this trend in January. I’m all over that. Love that. just submit the form. They come right to me. So hopefully you like this,and you found it interesting and informative. Please share it with others.

so thanks so much for listening and for watching, and I hope you have an amazing day.

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