Why Are #Hashtags so Important for #Instagram?

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Hashtags are more than a trend. They have spread throughout social media and are a key element in making your Instagram posts discoverable by a broad audience. If you take the time to craft an amazing Instagram post, you want to make sure people can find it! When used effectively, hashtags boost your brand’s outreach on social media.

What are Hashtags?

People use hashtags as a simple method of categorizing Instagram posts and finding posts in a specific category. By placing a pound sign (#) in front of a word or phrase with no spaces, the text will become a hyperlink that connects the post to all posts that include the same hashtag.Hash tag marketing

Visibility and Searchability

Visibility is key to creating a dynamic Instagram brand. Even if you are just starting out and have no followers on Instagram, hashtags are a way to get your posts seen. By using hashtags to categorize your brand in a specific niche, users will come across your ‘grams. If they like what they see, they may follow you. For example, a bakery might tag their ‘gram of their latest cake creation with a string of hashtags #cake #cakeoftheday #delicious #foodart. That way the post will appear along with similar pictures when anyone searches or follows any of those tags.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

One of the many uses of hashtags on Instagram is targeted social media marketing. A business account can employ hashtags to gain followers, increase comments, or generate leads. With search function on Instagram, you can see what similar brands are posting and what users are responding to. Businesses can use current, popular, and related hashtags to create a customized marketing campaign.

Staying on Trend

Hashtag trends change constantly. It’s important to watch what’s trending and pay attention to popular hashtags in your niche. Also, be aware of other companies that supply the same service or product. Keep an eye on the hashtags your competitors are using. Staying on trend with the latest hashtags ensures posts are fresh and relevant.

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