How To Increase Sales By Adding Value

increase sales value

Finding the perfect way to increase sales is an art. Many business owners worry about raising their rates. After all, wouldn’t consumers simply buy the cheapest product that they can find? Not necessarily – by understanding how to utilize emotional, social, and philosophical values, you can increase your sales. By showing your potential customers just how valuable your products are to them in one of these three core values, you can successfully market your products for a higher price.

Understanding Emotional Value

One great way to explain why a potential consumer should buy your product (versus buying a possibly cheaper one) is to explain the emotional benefits they’ll receive from the purchase. Consumers want to buy things that will affect them positively — and you can explain that your product will do just that.

This form of emotional value helps consumers realize that they would much rather have a product that makes them feel better or happier, versus that cheaper option that doesn’t necessarily emote this feeling. For example, potential customers will more than likely buy the mattress that promotes a happier lifestyle because of better sleep, versus the mattress that simply details how firm or comfortable it is.

What is your product’s emotional benefit to your customer? Find one or two and place that front and center in your emails, ads, and website.

Recognizing Social Value

Increase Sales Value

Increase sales by implementing better copywriting and understanding behind your product’s social value. The social value comes into play when talking about how others see your customers after they have bought your product or invested in your service. Do they want to be like that person? Do they respect that person’s opinion? It doesn’t have to be a person they know sometimes seeing an image of a stranger that looks and acts the way they want to be is enough.

This value is always positive and can help implement even more sales through public awareness. After all, if others realize the quality of your products and services simply because others have invested in them, they could also seek out your business or brand.

Testimonial videos of real customers is a good way to strengthen your social value. Another is with real social influencers. Social Media where customers talk about your product, like a brand ambassador, works great too.

Using Philosophical Value

Finally, business owners should understand what philosophical values entail. Philosophical values occur when customers invest in your services and products in order to help make the world a better place. They believe in the cause you believe in and support why you chose to build a business around it.

This feeling could come from anything. If you make your brand message (and therefore your brand voice) all about empowerment or positivity, that alone could make a potential customer invest in what you’re providing. That positivity that you explain through your product description or copywriting could be all you really need to help influence potential customers.

What caused you to build your business? What did you want to improve, make better do for others? Share this message via blog posts, newsletters, and social posts. Consider creating a give back campaign that you and your customers can participate in together.

Make Those Consumer Connections To Increase Sales

At the end of the day, if you want to raise your prices and increase sales, you must understand how you want to connect with your consumers. By recognizing the emotional, social, and philosophical values at play in your business, you can accurately enhance what you’re selling without changing your products in any way.

That’s right: this can be done without costing your business any money. Instead, you’ll be earning more money through more sales and investments.

Once you understand just what your business or brand message is, it’s also important to make sure that this message stays consistent. You want to make sure you connect with customers on all platforms that you have in one unison voice. When done efficiently, you will see how effective copywriting and marketing can be.

Learn More About Connecting With Customers

We covered some deep topics in this article and we really only hit the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about how to talk to customers and the psychology of how and why they buy to get a copy of the following books

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Sometimes, businesses are too close to their own products and services. When this happens, it becomes difficult to step away, recognize the big picture, and initiate effective change.

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