How Do I Create a Successful Cold Sales Funnel Email Series?

create a successful cold sales funnel email series
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When you create a successful cold sales funnel email series, you have a great opportunity to attract potential customers to any high-ticket product or service you’re selling. We like to define high-ticket as over $50.00 or over $29.99 monthly recurring. The more customers see and hear from a brand, the more trust is built. The higher the value of the product or service the more touches it takes. Trust increases the likelihood they’ll make a purchase. A great way to create multiple interactions is through an email sales funnel. 

An email series is fantastic to use when you’re selling high-ticket products or services. In fact, email continues to be one of the best ways to grow your business and increase your sales. A well-crafted email series can help convert curious followers to customers and event attendees.

How do I get people to become engaged with my email newsletters?

People want to read interesting content that they can’t get anywhere else. Even if you’re talking about or promoting something common, always open up the communication lines and allow your readers to feel as if they’re being heard. Add personality to your emails and help your audience truly get to know you.

Create a Successful Cold Sales Funnel Email Series

Each series should have six to seven emails minimum, more if your prices are higher or its not a daily necessity. Each email will build off the previous email with the reason why they want and need to buy, along with a call to action. The last email in the series should be a strong call to action. 

While your series of emails should be related to the item you’re selling, you don’t want every email to be a sales email. Each email should offer educational content that your customers can truly benefit from, while also reminding them of the item. 

Every single email should be engaging. Steer clear of sending out boring emails by including fun images or infographics. Embedded videos also tend to do well to keep your audience interested in your series. Plus, small interactive features such as buttons to click on are always recommended! 

Products and Services That Can Use a Funnel Email Series

Email series can be used for a variety of products and services. Regardless of what industry you’re in or what your business is focused on, you can always find a way to create a successful cold sales funnel email series. Take the time to research your email audience to learn what they like to read — and what they don’t like to read. Once you fully understand them, you can create any type of email series.

For example, products and services that greatly benefit from an email series include:

  • Single product sales
  • Limited or exclusive single product sales
  • Product or service discounts and sales
  • Business to business (B2B) services 
  • Training programs
  • Webinars or online events
  • Subscription sign ups
create a successful cold sales funnel email series

Remember, all email series should consist of about six to seven emails. They should all be related to the overlying service or product that you’re offering. For example, if you have an exclusive product for sale and only have a few items to offer, an email series can really help hype up this limited-time-only deal, while still informing your audience of your overall business in the process.

Always Use the Right Tools

Once you have your emails created and ready to go, you need to decide the best way to get your customers to sign up to receive them. Email systems such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact are amazing tools that you can use to do this by creating landing pages and forms to get offers to sign up. 

These tools allow you to automate the entire process, as well as see data about opens and click-through rates. The data analytics you get for every email and landing page helps you make decisions about what is and is not working, so you can make adjustments to the campaign. Correctly using these services can make your email sales funnel series that much better.

Create the Best Sales Funnel Email Series

Create a successful cold sales funnel email series that brings results with our help, as we’re certified partners with Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Schedule a time to chat with us to learn more.

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