How to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Business Niche

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Audrey Kerchner

Chief Marketing Strategist, Inkyma

It’s difficult to consistently come up with blog topics for your specific business niche. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Regardless of what industry your company falls into, keep the blog section on your website alive by following these three tips.

Know Your Target Audience

First (and really before you even start blogging), you need to know your target audience. Understanding the demographics of this group can help greatly in the long run. The more you truly understand your target audience, the better you’ll be able to create consistent content that keeps them engaged.

However, keep in mind that your target audience may not be as narrow as other businesses. That’s okay — some target audiences are larger than others, and some are smaller. 

If you’re struggling in terms of demographics, target your blog posts to what your audience wants from you. They want to see that you’re an expert in your field. Show them how knowledgable you are with these blog articles. This expert content will, in turn, help you build trust with potential customers.

Understand What Your Competitors Are Up To

When you’re deciding on what blog topics to write it, it also helps to understand what your competitors in your niche are up to. If they have a blog section, check out what they’re doing. This can help jog your own ideas about what you can write.

This also helps you understand how you need to break away from the pack. If your competitors are all writing the same blog posts, you know what you shouldn’t write. You want to bring topics and articles to your visitors that they have never seen before! 

Stay Relevant

Above all, a great way to choose blog topics is to think in terms of relevancy. Has something new just happened in your business niche that everyone is talking about? Write a post about it!

Also, think of topics related to national holidays and events. There are probably loads of ideas you can write up around the end of the year as people read more holiday and New Year articles. Plus, you may also find a way to write up posts related to fun days like National Ice Cream Day or National Siblings Day!

It may also help (depending on what your industry is) to pay attention to national news and trending pop culture topics. You may be able to find something related to pop culture that you can seamlessly tie into your niche, which in turn could help increase your site traffic.

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