Monthly Marketing Update – March 2023

Monthly Marketing Update - March 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Marketing Update – March 2023. We’re seeing some exciting developments in the world of marketing that are sure to pique the interest of any entrepreneur looking to engage their audience in new and innovative ways. In this episode, we’ll be diving into the latest trend of combining video and text to enhance audience engagement, and discussing how home-based businesses can leverage hotspots in their video content to drive conversions. We’ll also be taking a closer look at the latest YouTube videos from marketing masterminds.

Here’s what’s in the update:

  • Combining video and text for better audience engagement
  • How to use hotspots in video to drive conversions
  • Insights from marketing masterminds on using ChatGPT and Canva in your marketing efforts

We’ll be exploring each of these topics in detail, sharing the latest news and insights from the world of marketing in March 2023. 


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Monthly Marketing Update – March 2023 TRANSCRIPT

*Not ready to give this episode a listen or watch just yet? Below is a rough transcript of today’s episode.*

IMS March Mar News 23: Hi everyone, and for those of you that are CrossFitters, happy CrossFit season. I am recording this during the middle of the, uh, CrossFit Open. Hope your open. Workouts are going really well. this is the March, 2023 marking news update, and I’ve got a couple of, very interesting, fun things, very practical and actionable for you, this month.

So before we get started, I wanted to let you know if you’re listening to this podcast, that is awesome, but if you want some of the visuals and, different things in context, I’m also on video, for the marketing news as well. You can hop over to the YouTube channel and, check that out there. All right, let’s get into the,

 Okay, so first I have up is, video and text. So I see a lot of articles for years and. about video versus text. I’ve actually talked about that myself, but what I’m seeing now going into 2023 and beyond, and I saw it in 2022, is you wanna think of it as video and text, right? You wanna create blog articles that have video embedded in them that support the text, and vice versa.

This is going to get you better engagement even. Than doing each of them separately. Like video’s got great engagement, text has good engagement. you’re gonna get better for both of them because with a blog article on your website, the text is going to give the video context and provide you an opportunity for more people to want to look at it.

Meaning they’re gonna read it, they’re gonna see the title, and they’ll be like, oh yeah, I wanna see that video because I know it’s, embedded. This particular article, so I know that they’re related. It’s gonna keep them on your site longer if they’re watching the video. That’s embedded. They’re on your page.

They’re not out at YouTube watching it. We’re not pushing them out. If your video has supporting material, you’re giving them a PDF or you want them to listen to a different audio file, if you’ve listened to this podcast before, I often reference multiple previous episodes. I’ll talk about video I’ve created and within the context of the.

you can have all of that there really nicely format. You can create a really nice button for a download, which I think is super helpful. instead of in YouTube where all you can do is put a link and it’s sitting in the description and it’s very hard to call things out inside of YouTube. The other great thing is your blog article can now have two schema associated to it, schema.

Google what is actually in the article so it knows how to pull things up. It’s a little bit of tech code language. There are applications like Rank Math out there that create the schema for you automatically. So don’t worry about the techie side of it. But the blog article will have an article schema saying, Hey, this is an article.

IMS March Mar News 23: And then it’ll also have a video scheme of saying, Hey, there’s video in here, and what Google has been doing. At least in 2022, if not earlier, is if someone is searching for something, they’re going to lift the video schema articles and even pull from YouTube directly before they’re gonna list the articles.

So if your topic is got other, you’ve got competitors videos out there, you stand a good chance of getting up and above them by having the video and the text together, because again, it’s helpful, it’s useful content that people want. So if you are doing video, great. Start creating blog articles to associate with that video.

If you’re not, consider doing video and don’t be afraid to keep the text. So next up it’s another update about video. Video is definitely the biggest content consumption out there at the moment. And so when people are consuming your video, you’re putting it out there for a reason. So you want to get them to do or, participate as much as possible.

And this is where interactive video comes in. You can create a video and have hotspots and choices on the video screen itself, not below it, not around it actually embedded into the video. for example, the. Picture that’s up here it’s a recipe walkthrough and you can have different proteins for what the recipe is about.

And so in the beginning, they explain it and then they get to this point in the video and they say, okay, now choose your protein. And you click on the plate and now the video starts talking about the recipe in the context of which protein that you choose. It’s a little bit more involved, it’s a little more in depth, but it’s highly.

interactive, which means they’re gonna stay engaged longer. And there are so many different things that you could do with something like this. So I think the possibilities are endless. If you’re doing video now and you’re looking, how can I step up my video game? This is how you’re gonna step up that game.

IMS March Mar News 23: The only problem is that it’s not working in YouTube right now. I’m hoping at some point YouTube. Will let us pull that in. YouTube has its own little set of features, like the cards and stuff, but again, they’re not as interactive as something like this where you can create a block that looks like a button in your fonts and your colors, but there are systems out there, video recording and editing systems that will, allow you to put these hotspots in Camtasia, which is the one that I’m using, allows that.

It’s just, you gotta find the right platform to host it on. , it’s supported and it actually works. And Camtasia TechSmith actually has a platform. I’ve put a couple of these out in the past and I might be doing more of them going forward because they have that hosting platform. The only problem is it’s not on YouTube, so there’s a little give and take there.

Hopefully at some point, it’ll all come together. And then the last thing I have for you is just letting you know what the latest videos are on Marketing Masterminds. We have a separate YouTube channel, marketing Masterminds. . And this is where we put out product, how-tos, tutorials, how to implement a concept, with screenshots.

Walking you through things step-by-step, explaining them in the context for a small business owner, which I think is pretty cool cause Canva works for everybody. So the 10 tutorials that I put out, it’s one video with 10 quick tutorials in it, showing you how you can use all these different features of Canva, where they are, what they are to get you started.

But I do it from a business owner’s perspective, meaning why is this good for my business? Oh, that’s why. And you could start implementing. And the other one is, I have started going down this chat, G p t Rabbit Hole Journey. I’m gonna call it a journey, on figuring out how to use this really cool AI to support a business, to support, your side hustle, your home-based business, whatever you’re doing.

This tool It’s like a little mini assistant. I did a, whole, episode on that. So that’s gonna be linked into the show notes for this video on YouTube and on the website. But this particular video walks you through if you are using chat g p t, to help you build and create articles that are useful and helpful, to avoid plagiarism.

You don’t wanna spend all that time. using it to assist you to create an article that only has plagiarism in it and that gets, devalued or pushed down by Google in the search. And so the process that I walk you through is pretty quick, pretty simple, and it makes that article, plagiarism bulletproof, I like to say.

Okay, so that is the news for March. I hope you found it useful and helpful. if you’re looking for more content until next month, then I highly recommend signing up for the Marketing Masterminds newsletter. Each newsletter is like a little mini. learning module. I have a subject, there is a video that is front and center about what that subject is.

could be email marketing, could be chat, G p T, it could be anything. And then in addition to that video, I also put in, articles that we’ve written. Other videos, podcast episodes that support the subject so you get a more well-rounded understanding of whatever that subject is. And each one has its own different value.

IMS March Mar News 23: So scan that QR code sign up, one to two of them go out a month. There’s always something for everybody. Those that are already on the newsletter, love getting them every single month. They share them with other business owners that they know. So hopefully, you have an amazing march and I will see you in April for the next marketing news update.

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