3 Signs that You Need a Company Rebrand

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Audrey Kerchner

Chief Marketing Strategist, Inkyma

Your brand needs to evolve along with your company’s mission and goals. An annual review of the visual brand and messaging ensures your marketing supports the direction your company is heading rather than being stuck in the past. The brand, mission, and company values all need to work in unison with each other otherwise customers perceive mixed messages. If your current brand does not represent your company, it’s time to rebrand.

What is a Brand?

Your brand is more than a logo! A logo plays a role in recognition, but it is just a part of the overall company brand. A well-structured brand strategy creates a relationship with current and future clients. Your brand is about sending a message to your target audience. You need to present clear and consistent branding across print and web content. 

3 Signs It’s Time for a Company Rebrand

Your company is always growing and changing, and your brand needs to keep up. If your business has any of the following challenges it may be time for a company rebrand. 

1. Inconsistency

You need clearly defined visuals that represent your brand. Using the same logo, color scheme, and typography across all visual assets is crucial! Irregularities in visual branding leads to customer confusion and dilute your marketing message. Plus, it’s harder for your audience to verify that communications from your brand are authentic. If your company uses different logos, colors or fonts on various assets, then you need to rebrand.

2. Company Changes

If your business model, products, or services have significantly changed, then you need to rebrand the company as well. Sometimes growth and changes happen slowly. When you do an annual review take time to consider what you want your brand to stand for. 

3. Audience Shifts

The brand is about communicating the essence of your company to a target audience. If the core audience has changed significantly, then you need to rebrand. 

Let’s look at a real-life example. The Detail Doctors based are a professional car detail company that has grown to be the largest in Idaho. However, their logo does not feel like its a high end detailing company. Their brand doesn’t reflect their product, services or price level. They need a brand redesign to visually communicate luxury and high-end services.

Are you ready for a company rebrand? We can help create consistent messaging across web and print. Schedule a free consultation, today!

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