Want More Clients? Know what they want from you to make the connection

More Clients

Focusing on what customers want will help you get more clients. The services you offer are the solution to your potential customer’s external problems. But what about their internal struggles? First show customers that you understand their internal issues. Then you can describe how your company is the solution.

When creating content, first speak to the customer’s internal struggles. Let them know you understand them better than your competitor. Then elaborate on how your company solves their problems. Next, focus on the clients’ external issues and how your services are the solution.

External Problems vs. Internal Struggles

In your online content marketing, make a distinction between internal and external problems. External problems are surface issues. These are visible and clear to an outside observer. But they are not the reason a customer chooses your product or services. It is because of their internal struggles, personal fears or frustrations.

Companies tend to sell products and services that offer solutions to external problems. But people want to buy solutions to internal struggles. Forge a bond with customers by relating to their inner frustrations and solve that problem with your product or services. Then they will see your message as more meaningful to their lives and become a fan of your company.

Example of External and Internal Problems

Consider the case of a residential cleaning company. If they were to only focus on external problems, they would talk about dirty floors and grimy windows. Sure, on the surface, people want to live in a clean home. But what do the customers really want? The internal frustrations can be deep and multifaceted. They want their family to be healthy. They want to spend more time doing the things they enjoy. They want to feel proud to have visitors in their home.

Relate to Get More Clients

The cleaning company first empathizes with the customer by recognizing their desires. Then they offering a solution. The customers will feel like this company relates to them on a personal level. When people feel a connection, they are more likely to engage online. They might like, follow, or signing up for an eNewsletter. And that is how you generate leads. When these customers are ready to buy, they are more likely to chose a company they have a relationship with.

Getting the Word Out

You need to post your message where your audience can see it. Talk about internal struggles on your website home page, especially in the hero image copy. Use this messaging in all social media posts, ads, and blog articles. When creating content, first address the customer’s internal struggles. Relate to their lives and offer a solution. Then discuss the external problems and how your products and services solve them to get more clients.

Are you unsure how to identify and address potential customer’s internal problem? We can walk you through the process and craft the language for you! Schedule a time to talk with us.

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