Top 5 Types of Videos Customers Want to See

Video popularity is on the rise. But before jumping on the video content marketing bandwagon, make sure you understand what will attract the people you want as customers. The potential of videos as marketing has grown over recent years. 

The next generation is growing up. People ages 7 – 23 (Generation Z) watch a lot of online videos. One-third of Gen Z watches at least one hour of online video per day. They are spending more time on Netflix and YouTube as opposed to traditional TV.  Just like kids and teens, Millennials are also shifting to online video. On average, people in the 24 – 38 age range watch 3 hours of video content per day

It’s clear that video traffic is only going up. The Cisco Visual Network Index predicts that streaming video will be 89% of all internet traffic by 2022. So, what is the best direction to take your company’s video content? Read on to learn the top 5 types of videos that are best support marketing efforts. 

Top 5 Videos Costomers Want

1. Livestreams 

Over 2 billion people have watched Facebook Live. On Instagram, video is the most-watched medium. A study from New York Magazine found that 82% of respondents preferred live video to traditional social posts from brands.  Cisco forecasts that live video traffic will increase 15-fold by 2022

The key to live streams is being raw, authentic, and unscripted. When people watch a live stream, they are expecting a peek into reality. They can tell when the video is over-produced. Live video can include behind-the-scenes, interviews with staff, and day-in-the-life at your company.

2. Vlogs

Like live streams, video blogs (vlogs) should feel authentic and raw. The difference is, vlogs are asynchronous. This means customers don’t have to be online at the same time as you to engage with the videos. These videos are merely a person looking directly at the camera and talking. This type of video builds a relationship with the viewer. They are easy to produce and personality-driven. Volgs are versatile as they can be Q&A, announcements, explanation, or educational videos

3. Round-ups and List Videos

Round-up videos list top items and actives related to your industry. Think “6 Must-try Ice Cream Flavors” or “Top 5 Travel Destinations of 2019.” These videos should be concise and highly visual. Avoid speaking directly to the camera. Instead, mix clips and still video with voice-over or on-screen text description. When developing the list, include a range of options so there’s something for everyone.

4. Humorous Skits 

The number one reason people watch video on social media is to laugh. Humor makes your company more relatable. When you get people to laugh, you also getting their attention. People engage with humor and share it with friends. They may even become fans of your company just because you made them laugh. Funny Videos are one of the main types customers want to see.

5. Product Reviews

People want to see your products in action. Very few consumers buy without consulting the internet. Product review videos give your potential customers an honest look before they buy.  However, if you review your own product, it can seem biased. Try giving industry influencers a sample or free trial and asking them to share their thoughts. 

Are you looking to add video content to your marketing plan? Schedule a time to talk about how video can work for you.

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