User Engagement Strategies that Attract More Customers (Part 3)

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In this four-part series, we are discussing how to use website design strategies to attract more customers. The last post, we overviewed site load time and mobile user experience. Now we are going to talk about keeping users engaged while on your website. The is a ton of content on the web, and interactive tools will make your website stand out. Plus, potential clients feel they have already started building a relationship with your business just by engaging with your website. By creating positive and engaging customer experiences on the web, you demonstrate that your company is approachable, amicable, and follows through. 

High-Value Download

Chances are, if you own your business, you are already an industry expert. You have experience and knowledge that is valuable to your audience. To attract more customers, you can create a downloadable PDF on a topic that your ideal clients want to know about. Offer a High-Value Download (HVD) in exchange for signing up to receive your eNewsletter. Set up your email server to auto-send a link to the HVD as soon as someone enters a valid email address. This creates a way for your audience to engage with the website and receive an immediate reward. Plus, you are building an email list of potential leads.


Similar to High-Value Downloads, courses are your chance to share knowledge and expertise with your audience. Creating a quality course takes plenty of up-front work. The result is readers seeing you as an authority in your field. By offering courses you generate a lot of leads because people interested in your courses are also likely to be interested in your other products or services. Courses also nurture relationships with your target audience. 


Quizzes have been used in print and web media for a long time. Asking questions and then providing the answers demonstrates your knowledge on a subject. It’s also a fun way for potential clients to interact with your website, test their own understanding, and even learn something new. Plus, most people like seeing the results at the end. Employing quizzes as part of your marketing strategy is also a great way to boost exposure because they tend to get shared often on social media. 

Interactive Images

Employ sliders to smoothly transform before and after images to demonstrate how your company changes lives. Image sliders look great on any device and are intuitive on desktop and mobile. You could also create an interactive image with one striking background and hotspots that link to related details. Hotspots and sliders create connections to the image and the information, making the user experience more memorable.

By creating an engaging website, you are building a relationship with your audience. WordPress has a ton of plug-in options for creating a seamlessly interactive design. In our next post, we will be tackling how to use WordPress to take back control of your content after your site has been professionally designed.

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