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create a successful cold sales funnel email series

How Do I Create a Successful Cold Sales Funnel Email Series?

When you create a successful cold sales funnel email series, you have a great opportunity to attract potential customers to any high-ticket product or service you’re selling. We like to define high-ticket as over $50.00 or over $29.99 monthly recurring. The more customers see and hear from a brand, the more trust is built. The higher the value of the

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Email Newsletter

The 1 Secret To Increase Email Newsletter Engagement

Connect with your customers, increase sales and help potential customers solve their problems. All of this can be accomplished with an email newsletter. Just as with other forms of communication, you need to make sure you’re working to always increase engagement. What do you need to increase engagement? VIDEO  Utilize Video In Your Email Newsletters Social media users prefer video

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Webinar for lead generation

Pivot to Hosting Webinars Now To Get New Customers

As we all stay indoors to help keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, businesses need to continue to grow. If you previously held in-person events prior to the stay at home orders, consider hosting webinars instead until we can all get back to be in person again. Whether you consider Live or pre-recorded webinars they are a great way

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website blog

Should My Business Have A Website Blog?

With a website blog, you can easily identify your customers’ problems while simultaneously offering them a solution. Your website is one of the best tools you can use to increase sales through calls to action. But is there a way to bring in even more sales and brand awareness? A blog on your website can do exactly this, as it’s

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How to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Business Niche

It’s difficult to consistently come up with blog topics for your specific business niche. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Regardless of what industry your company falls into, keep the blog section on your website alive by following these three tips. Know Your Target Audience First (and really before you even start blogging), you need to know your target audience.

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3 Effective Ways to Keep Your Brand’s Content Consistent

When you’re growing your business, you should always make sure that you’re producing consistent content on your website and your social media. Keeping a steady, regular presence online can help your brand awareness grow. Make sure your brand has a consistent online presence with these three effective tips. Plan Your Social Media Ahead To keep growing your list of potential

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