Top 3 Email Marketing Best Practices In 2022

email marketing best practices 2021

The 3 email marketing best practices in 2022 are focused on creating an engaging campaign for your audience and making sure you are sending to a clean list. These trends focus on content and best practices in sending. You want to send engaging emails and run email marketing campaigns that truly bring about results — and with these three trending marketing techniques, you will! 

Does email marketing still work in 2022?

A: Email marketing is and will continue to be the number 1 content marketing tactic. This is due to access issues and content censorship in the social media realm. Business owners can always rely on email to get the message they want to their audience without being shut down or censored.

Top 3 Email Marketing Best Practices In 2022

Email newsletters are a wonderful way to share content with your audience and customers. Currently, about 70% of businesses use email as one of their main sources to connect with potential customers. If you don’t have an email newsletter yet, you definitely should start up an email marketing campaign to see how this could benefit your business! 

1. Personalize All Emails

Personalization is everything when it comes to email marketing best practices in 2021. While regular mass emails that sound robotic used to be fine, consumers are now wanting emails that truly connect with them. So, make your email newsletters more personal!

You can do this in different ways. Whether you use an AI to find the best way to personalize emails or not, there are countless ways to engage with your audience. First, start actually putting some personality in your emails, if you haven’t already. Pay attention to the content that your customers really respond to by looking at your analytics, then personalize emails to fit this content!  

2. Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

More than likely, you already know that an email that is interactive — with videos, buttons, etc — is a good email. There are various ways to make your emails more interactive, though user-generated content has become a new way to really connect with your customers. 

UGC content is basically any type of content that your customers have created about your business. This could be social media posts about your business from a customer, videos, or anything that is created by your customers for your business. Adding UGC content to your email newsletters is a great way to really spice up your marketing campaigns! 

Email Campaigns Are Only As Effective As The List They Are Sent To

If you want to increase your open and click-through rates then you need to ensure that your list is clean. Remove or archive people who have not engaged with your emails in 6 months or more. The major email systems like Mailchimp and Constant Contact charge you based on the feature set and the total number of people you have on the list.

You may have opportunities to upload a list from different sources. First, make sure it’s from a reputable source, and second always scrub the list before you upload the list. Uploading bad email addresses can cause your email provider to stop sending your emails or worse delete the list entirely from your database.

We recommend using a service called Zero Bounce to scrub your lists before you upload them. You can purchase based on the total number of emails you need to scrub. This particular best practice has saved us and our clients many times from uploading or purchasing bad lists to the database.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign That Works

These email marketing best practices are not the only way to create highly effective marketing campaigns. Based on your strategies and goals we have many different ways to help you grow your business through email.

Do you want to create an email marketing campaign that drives business? We can help! Schedule a time to chat with us today to learn more! 

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Join Inkyma’s email newsletter to receive a FREE copy of “4 Instant Ways to Improve Your Company’s Marketing Plan” with tips you can implement today to boost your business’ presence online.