Is Industry Jargon Scaring Away Potential Customers?

Industry Jargon Video

Remember, potential customers are not industry experts. You are. People with years of experience in a particular field sometimes use jargon that is unfamiliar to the general population. When addressing potential clients, subject matter experts should speak at a level someone outside the industry can comprehend. When people have a clear understanding of what you do, they are more likely to buy your products and services. 

Keep it Simple

Remember your audience is potential clients, not other members of your industry. Keep your website terminology simple and easy to understand. A company website is your first impression. Don’t delve into in-depth knowledge about your field the first time you meet someone. Instead, simplify complex content into a bright, understandable message. 

Use simple, familiar terms even if they are technically inaccurate. People want comprehensible explanations. If the page is flooded with unfamiliar terminology, readers may click away. Avoid using industry-specific jargon unless the words are already common knowledge in the general public. 

Avoid Technical Jargon

Take, for example, a big tech company rolling out a new smartphone. Customers go to the website to see if they want the product. Short descriptions with the basic features describe if the product meets customer’s needs. Big chunks of text full of technical detail would only bog down the content. 

Consider the case of a healthcare facility. Patients just want help with their medical needs. They don’t need to know how the MRI machine works. The hospital website should talk about the care patients can receive and avoid medical jargon. Customer-centric content avoids using industry-specific terms, instead focusing on addressing the client’s pain points and fears.

Focus on the Potential Customer

Focus on the customer by demonstrating an understanding of their problems. Then describe how your products and services solve their issues. Most people want to know how you can help them. They don’t want to have to understand a lot of technical jargon. When the comprehension effort is too high, people will click elsewhere. 

When you’ve been in your industry for years, you get used to the lingo. It helps to have fresh eyes look at your content. We can help craft a cohesive brand message that is accessible to your potential customers. Schedule a consultation with Inkyma’s marketing expert.

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