Using Animated GIFs to Convey Complex Ideas

A picture is worth a thousand words. And moving pictures are worth even more. Video and animated images are a great way to convey ideas online. Plus, they are a useful marketing tool. Social Media sites like Tumblr have spurred the popularity of animated GIFs online. GIFs are fun, attention-grabbing, and easy to share on social media. 

What are Animated GIFs?

Graphic Interchange Formant (GIF) is a type of image file that supports animation. It is pronounced either jif or gif. GIFs are animated by combining several images into one file. The file plays the images in succession, creating an animated clip. It then loops back to the first image for continuous play. Unlike video files, GIFs do not play sound. They also play in any browser—no plug-in required. 

Conveying Complex Ideas

GIFs are an effective alternative to a video and a valuable marketing tool. Business can use these animated images to convey complex ideas on websites and social media. For example, you can create a GIF that shows how easy it is to work with your company such as three easy steps to get started.

GIF product demos

Video and GIF are the top two formats for product demos. When scrolling through social media, the average user’s attention span is about 8 seconds. That’s too short for a full product demo. However, a quick animated GIF can catch attention and stick in their minds. When designing a GIF product demo, keep text to a minimum and let the image do the talking. 

Where to use Animated GIFs

When done well, GIFs help convey complex ideas. You can also use them in many places across the web.

  • Company website
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook cover image
  • Instagram Stories
  • YouTube ads
  • Embedded in eNewsletters
  • And more. 

At Inkyma, we can create GIFs that support your brand and distribute them across all your online promotion channels. Schedule an time to talk!

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