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increase sales value

How To Increase Sales By Adding Value

Finding the perfect way to increase sales is an art. Many business owners worry about raising their rates. After all, wouldn’t consumers simply buy the cheapest product that they can find? Not necessarily – by understanding how to utilize emotional, social, and philosophical values, you can increase your sales. By showing your potential customers just how valuable your products are

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working with the wrong marketing agency

5 Major Signs You’re Working With the Wrong Marketing Agency

In an ideal world, it would be unbelievably easy to successfully market your business. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case — and most business owners can attest to this. Marketing is vital to any business or brand looking to grow. With expert, efficient marketing strategies, you can see your business evolve in no time. With poor, misdirected marketing strategies, the complete

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Hit The Bull’s-Eye With Online Advertising

Running your business is challenging on all levels. Dealing with day-to-day operations, keeping customers satisfied, and managing employees all day every day would wear on anyone. But wait, you’re not done yet. Staying in business means promoting your business. No matter how big or small your overall budget is, some of that needs to be earmarked for marketing and advertising. 

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Social Media Management Tools Video

Tools the Pros Use for Social Media Marketing

Most business owners these days are using some form of social media to market themselves and their businesses. When used properly, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others, provide an incredible platform to present products and services. It allows a start-up to advertise on the same platform as the likes of Apple, Oracle, or Adobe. That exposure enables

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YouTube Ads Video

Forget T.V., Score Big with YouTube Ads

Your goal is to reach as many potential customers/clients as possible through your marketing strategy. Video marketing is growing and has been shown to convert better than print or still images in digital marketing. Lucky for you, search engines are extremely fond of videos because of the way they engage viewers. By posting videos as part of your marketing campaign,

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Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Organic Reach on Social Media with these 3 Types of Posts

If you want to improve organic reach, then your social media business pages need thoughtful, curated content. A variety of content that provides value to the reader is more likely to be shared. If all you are Facebook and Instagram posts are calls to action (CTAs), you may lose followers. People don’t want to be advertised to constantly. So, strive

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3 Signs that You Need a Company Rebrand

Your brand needs to evolve along with your company’s mission and goals. An annual review of the visual brand and messaging ensures your marketing supports the direction your company is heading rather than being stuck in the past. The brand, mission, and company values all need to work in unison with each other otherwise customers perceive mixed messages. If your

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Chatbot For Websites and Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to conducting business online. They help create a personalized user experience and engage with customers. Text Chat Popularity Most people today would rather communicate via text than by phone call. A majority (56%) of people surveyed said they preferred messaging over calling customer service. Likewise, people want immediate answers to

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animated gifs

Using Animated GIFs to Convey Complex Ideas

A picture is worth a thousand words. And moving pictures are worth even more. Video and animated images are a great way to convey ideas online. Plus, they are a useful marketing tool. Social Media sites like Tumblr, Instagram and TikTok have spurred the popularity of Animated GIFs online. GIFs are fun, attention-grabbing, and easy to share on social media. 

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Industry Jargon Video

Is Industry Jargon Scaring Away Potential Customers?

Remember, potential customers are not industry experts. You are. People with years of experience in a particular field sometimes use jargon that is unfamiliar to the general population. When addressing potential clients, subject matter experts should speak at a level someone outside the industry can comprehend. When people have a clear understanding of what you do, they are more likely

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